Saturday, June 4, 2011

Holiday Villa Wedding & Travel Fair Cocktail Prelude (2011)

At first, I would like to thanks to Thristhan for the warm invite & welcome for this event. Title of the Event is Holiday Villa Wedding & Travel Fair Cocktail Prelude, of course this is something to do with some wedding stuff.

 Mr.Tony Sabastian is giving his speech and the Modesl. Actually this is a premmier event and short brief for us to know that there is some special promotion and news too. The official event is on 2nd & 3rd of July, 2011. Venue is at Holiday Villa Subang Jaya, Classic Ballroom.

There is . . .
- 10% discount if you book and confirm your wedding on the event. -
- Cocktail hours from 4pm to 7pm. -
- Chances to win a Attractive Holiday Package -
- Wine Tasting Session-
- Fabulous Gift from the Event Wedding Specialist -
- Live Entertainment -

Actually if you got follow the update from Holiday Villa Facebook or Twitter, you can see there is alot of others Hotel of Holiday Villa is around Malaysia and Worldwide. Let say you got no idea where is the destination for your Honeymoon right after your wedding, Holiday Villa is one of the best choices and they will give you assist and more information too!

The "Illustration Purpose" Cake, hehehe I nearly poke it. If you look at the banner above, you might saw some familiar name and yes, some of them will associated in this event and you can have a look what kind of presentation they presenting inside this Wedding & Travel Fair. And also there is some skillful photographer will appear at the official event too!

This is what we got served, and it is so wonderful!

Live Band Entertainment!

Haha for everything I like is this fruits decoration! A mountain of vitamins and healthy resources!

(Left to Right) Eric, Caroline, Kelvin, Rebecca, Me, Janice & Isaac.
Our group photo, yup . . . enjoy my night and absorb alot of news too! And remember to follow Holiday Villa Facebook or Twitter for more exciting update yah!

By Kian Fai


  1. waaah five layers of cake... pretty huge huh!!
    Oh Caroline and Eris on the event too yay!

  2. jaw dropped at the fruit decoration! haha how did you get invited to such event? so nice one.


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