Monday, June 20, 2011

Green Lantern (2011)

Hi, first of all thanks to KyrilSoulX bring me to watch this movie. The funniest fact is I was able to attend Green Lantern Corps Party and cant attend Movie Premier Screening. (Sarcastic Mode ON!)

This Green Lantern Movie is featuring about a Silver Age Green Lantern - Hal Jordan, if not mistaken, Hal Jordan is the only Silver Age Green Lantern in DC Comics. Which means there is Golden Age, Bronze Age and Modern Age Green Lantern in the DC Comics story. You can search about it anyways, Alan Scott is Golden Age Green Lantern, Guy Gardner and John Stewart is Bronze Age Green Lantern and Kyle Rayner is Modern Age Green Lantern.

Green Lantern Movie Trailer.
In this Green Lantern Movie, Hal Jordan is a test pilot and he is assigned to become Green Lantern by dying Abin Sur who is escaping from Parallax and injured by Parallax.

Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, he looks great in this movie and he is awesome in Green Lantern Suit. The mask of him makes him looks like previous movie called The Green Hornet! LOL! In Cartoon of Green Lantern, I still prefer Bronze Age Green Lantern called John Stewart! (Too much of Justice League Unlimited)

Blake Lively as Carol Ferris, Hal Jordan Lover? Ya I think so, and I do think she is hot too! In DC Comics, Carol Ferris is Star Sapphire, which have the power of Flight, power of similarity with Green Lantern Ring, and the power of shoot out a Repelling Ray. In Comic Story, she took over his father business and becoming CEO in Ferris Air.

 Michael Clarke Duncan voice as Kilowog (Left in this picture) in Green Lantern Movie, I think Kilowog should be slight bigger size in the movie. In Justice League Unlimited (Cartoon) he is very thin and muscular, become similarity with Human Size. I think there is different between DC Comics, Cartoon and Movie . . . *sad*

Geoffrey Rush voice for Tomar-Re (Right in this picture) in this Green Lantern Movie, one of the Alien in Fish Species in the Universe. I hope that both of them and Sinestro should appear more in this Green Lantern Movie, the bad thing about this movie is less appearance of Green Lantern Corps, everything focuses on Hal Jordan Life and Earth story.

Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond, many people say this movie is kind of screw up. Because of story-line problem and the way that Hector Hammond obtain the evil secret power. Hector got the power because he got the meteoroid stone from the tree and is not getting infection from the body of Abin Sur. Hector Hammond was not able to talk and walk in DC Comics, in movie version of Hector Hammond can walk and communicate with other people. His power is not mind reading, his power is mind control and communicate with a person by talking inside that person brain. Well?

 Mark Strong as Sinestro. Sinestro is a good alien in this Green Lantern Movie. After this movie, he is a bad ass and use the Yellow Colored Ring as known as Power of Fear. [Spoiler] At first he forge this ring with guardian permission to defeat Parallax, then Hal Jordan stopped Sinestro and the guardian to use this ring to defeat Parallax. After Parallax had been defeated by Hal Jordan in this movie, Sinestro still . . . wear the ring and his power suit turn to yellow color and possess the evil power of Fear. [Can be found in Post-Credit Scene in Green Lantern Movie]

So far this movie is not bad, [Explanation] Green Ring is Power of Will, Yellow Ring is Power of Fear, it don't have any problem at all. The only problem is Hector Hammond is different in this movie and DC Comics. This movie I would rate 6.5/10, what I would like to see is more Kilowog and others Green Lantern Corps action! If you search more about this Green Lantern DC Comics, you can find more different story and it is getting more interesting! Have Fun!

Thanks for reading! By Kian Fai.


  1. blake lively is the reason why this movie is watchable :P

  2. this is why the avenger also based on the movie comic and not the original one whereby captain america is the team leader...

  3. Ehh~ you rating quite high oh.. some rate like 1 or 2 only. Pfttt!!

  4. Not planning to watch this movie, wait till can download I watch lah :P

  5. have not been watching movies as frequently lately, but the last one was X-Men during last weekend, not bad at all, and guess maybe the next one would be Green Lantern?? errr, wait, Transformer showing this week hor??

  6. Let me search up the comic version, I think it would be much more entertaining. :)

  7. I've watched this last week with family & I've enjoyed. Great review! Thks for dropping by Luxury Indulgence!

    I'm following u now & hope u'll do the same. Looking fwd to sharing not just on our food journey!

  8. I dunno.. i just watched it yesterday and it seems that the movie is lacking of some actions compare to Spiderman and Superman films...

  9. yeah.. it's like a fast forward to me...lacking of continuity...
    though i can say nothing against the graphics... it's superb...
    hey I am a fan of JLU too but right now, I am in Xmen mode... I'm watching now the replays of Xmen Evolution.. after watching the Xmen first class.. it makes me easy to understand the events...
    thanks for sharing kianfai

  10. Eeeeee I wanna watch also...

  11. so many ugly creatures there! ish..

  12. overall? this is not a good movie? hahahaa.. a sucks superhero? hahahaa....

  13. Can't wait to watch this movie!! :D

  14. I'm green da be di da be dai.. da be di.. da be dai..

  15. I like Blake Lively wahahahaha gossip girl is best!


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