Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Atrium Cafe - Sunway Food Marathon

 Sunday, 26th of June, Year 2011, one of the most recognized day towards my stomach. Basically I would like introduce this Atrium Cafe in this Pyramid Tower Hotel, this cafe is existed very long time ago because I always use the pathway for going towards my college. If you are not sure where is Pyramid Tower Hotel, you can use google search or I will tell you over here. Pyramid Tower Hotel is right beside Sunway Pyramid and it is very easy to find parking by paying jockey or park inside Sunway Pyramid Parking.

A Big Promotion Signboard for Atrium Cafe, yes and please read it with cautious. 12hours of Dining and more! It is very near lobby and shopping complex, very convenient if you wanted to do some window shopping.

Gather up with Bloggers and some other Journalists. Everyone preparing camera and their own stomach lol!

Fruit Section, it is a must for every buffet serving and there is some papaya! My favorite hehe!

Then you can see some Breads, Tuna, Ham, Butter, Vege and more. Since it is Brunch, you can make yourself a sandwiches which will delighted your day.

Chicken Salad, Salad Prawn, some different varieties of Kerabu Mango & etc.

There is also "Yong Tau Fu", which means the fish ball alike meat stuffed into some vegetable, boil it in bowl of soup and serve it in dry form.

Actually this picture belongs to Soup Section because while drinking the soup, some people might dip the bread inside the soup and eat the bread.

For those who's craving for awesome Satay, Atrium Cafe also serve Satay Section. The taste is definitely better than Kajang Satay, because the meat is tender.

Porridge Section with others serving such as Spring Onion, Ginger Slice, Peanut & etc. Porridge contain rich seafood such as Dried Oyster and Prawn.

What does this section do? There is some spicy tom-yam sauce alike in the bowl.

Actually this section do some Ikan Bakar, and you can request them Grill some vege, take a look! They grilling some Lady Finger!

Dessert with some lovely Multi Flavored Sweet Cakes.


Wan Tan Mee Soup, which is allow you to choose three type of Mee. You should come and check it!

The plate with Prawns, Rendang Chicken, Mutton & etc.

The Porridge I mention about on above. You can DIY yourself with those servings.

And . . . MORE DESSERT! This Mini Cup Dessert taste like coffee, not bad . . . It is fabulous!

More Dessert again! Colorful Multi Flavored Cakes~!

After this, there is some happening challenge going on here inside the Food Marathon!

Food Challenge Number 1: Wan Tan Eating Challenge! The person who eat the most within few minute win the prize! Winner is Jonathan, and he is dam fast!

Food Challenge Number 2: Sandwiches Make and Eat Challenge, Winner is Isaac Tan. All the buns was not easy to consume with the supplied ingredient, especially Salmon!

Food Challenge Number 3: Spicy Popiah Challenge, Winner is Benjamin Foo. He is dam fast, within 2 bites he can finish 1 Popiah. Result is 8 Spicy Popiah in 5 minutes.

Left to Right: Min, Isaac, Linora, and Benjamin. Nice to meeting Linora and Min, they are very friendly and patience. That's my opinion!

Benjamin, winner of the Spicy Popiah Challenge. Yah did you ass burn on your Monday Blue?

Man of the Match (personally choose by me): is non other than Isaac Tan, he is dam supportive because he participate all the three challenge, what a Sportsmanship he have!

Last and not least, small group photo of ours before leaving the Food Marathon, have a brilliant day by participating in this Food Marathon and Go-Kart Session.

Last and not least, I would like to show more information about this Food Marathon by MilkADeal.
Go to MilkADeal website and look for "Feast like Kings & Queens at the 12-hour Atrium Marathon Buffet, Atrium Cafe, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa for only RM55 instead of RM78.90 [30% OFF]"
This Deal will be up on 1st July, 2011, duration of this Food Marathon will be held on the month of July.

Simply click and join MilkADeal site and enjoy this Deal Promotion Now!
Remember readers, this deal does not include Go-Kart at Extreme Park alright? And also please read about my Go-Kart experience.

Thanks for Reading, By Kian Fai.


  1. The spicy popiah challenge? Popiah can be that spicy until your friend's buttock might burn? :p

  2. so much food! never share with me pun! haha... seems like u guys had a lot of fun ah! :)

    The CleverMunkey

  3. Nice writeup bro, wah so many food pics. hehehe :) loving it bro.

    And thanks for the man of the match thingy, i sure support one lo, sacrifice my stomach.. hahaha XD

  4. Finish lah if I join this marathon - will be sooo fat!!! : D

  5. oh my... if my eyes are my stomach then I'm really full now before reaching the comment box Lol..
    is it a buffet style?
    the plate of prawns and chicken is what hooked me the most haha and of course the desserts... yum yum
    thanks for sharing

  6. just makan and that's it..? nice :)

  7. hahaa. my Ass dint burn la. trick is to eat more of the other food later . haha

  8. Argh I didn't see this last Friday! Where is it located in SP?

  9. So many food, macam sedappppp saja! :D

  10. tsk tsk... i'll give up after two hours :D

  11. I salute Isaac who can eat SO MUCH! How come you didn't join the food challenge?? :P

  12. like the way how you edit your photos !

  13. Happy Friday.

    Wah pengsan!! So many awesomelicious food. Nampak sedap tu. Best.

    Colorful Multi Coloured Cakes - Owhhh i so weak now (macam kena kryptonite)

    Alrite, you have a great weekend ya.

    Hava a great day everyday : D

  14. it always a fun when there's a lot nice foods served! :D


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