Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Project O&O Grand Finale

Finally Project O&O have come to the Final round. Time flies like flash of light, and now we have to face the truth to watch who is the First Youth Ambassador from Project One and Only. Don't be sad, the pain wont last long and it is only on that only date which is 3rd, June 2011, 7pm at PJ Trade Centre.

Your friend is one of the top five? If yes, remember to go Project O&O - Fanpage and vote for your friend! If it's not your friend, you would need to spare some of your free time and vote for it! Show us your support man, because top five above had went through many difficult stage and quest and please don't be shy! Just vote for it!

Project O&O Grand Finale will be held at Canteen. 
What is Canteen? That is not ordinary Canteen! Canteen is a Cafe and Restaurant located at PJ Trade Centre. got live music lovely performance. Food serving in Western or Italian Cuisine. Food Photo below is taken from their Facebook Fanpage album (Lunch Set).
Project O&O is having this Online King & Queen Contest!
For those who's active in Facebook, Twitter and Blog, yes it is you! You can try to participate in this competition and grab this chance to win fabulous prize include Pentax RS1000 and more! Here is the link to let you know about it!

Project O&O - Twitter
Project O&O - Fanpage
Project O&O - Website
Canteen - Fanpage

Thanks for Reading, By Kian Fai.

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  2. haha nice contest


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