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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)

This post does contain SPOILER, if you do not wish to read SPOILER, I am sorry and you may continue read it. LOL!

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, 4th movie of Pirates of the Caribbean series. And there is the 5th Pirates coming soon by next year or next next year, if you watch the post credit scene for this movie, so Johnny Depp gonna be so busy again for these few years LOL! It is Sunday over here and thanks to my friend KyrilSoulX tag me for watching this movie. It is sad that I miss the premier screening, I think it is okay with it and try to forget about it.

Trailer of Pirates 4 Movie.
About: "This movie is talking about Jack Sparrow and Barbossa travel and look for the elusive fountain of youth, then they discover that Blackbeard and his daughter Angelica is looking for it too!"

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, is one of the main character in Pirates series. Long live Jack Sparrow and good job because the story never end since year 2003 I think LOL! I had watch 3 previous Pirates series and the most clearest storyline I remember when Jack Sparrow fight with Davy Jones in 3rd series, it is EPIC!

Geoffrey Rush as Barbossa, also appear since Pirates 1 until now. In 1st Pirates movie, Barbossa and his crews got some Aztec curse and he's trying to break the curse. I was blur about his story but I remember his curse form is undead skeleton, resurrected on 2nd Pirates I think. Anyway, it is glad to see Barbossa and Jack Sparrow stand in the same line again at Pirates 4.

Ian McShane as Blackbeard, (spoiler) prophecy say that his life will grab away by single leg man (spoiler). Why is he so turtle? I think the person ruin his life is not that single leg man! Oh well, Blackbeard have the sword who contain the power of controlling the ship called "Queen Anne's Revenge", I think the sword got the power of shrinking or zombie-fied.

That's why everyone in the sea fear Blackbeard! Therefore the power lead Blackbeard become bad and mean. But in the end, you should watch what happen to him. Like I mention earlier in this paragraph, the life of his own is not really ruined by a single leg man. LOL!

Penelope Cruz as Angelica, daughter of Blackbeard. In the story, she mention that Blackbeard recently found his own daughter, who is Angelica. Angelica is a very kind person, whose always tell Blackbeard not to harm Philip and Jack Sparrow or some innocent victim. And also she is skillful in swords play, it can be same level as Jack Sparrow, but of course Jack Sparrow is slightly better with his own intelligent.

Astrid Berges-Frisbey as Syrena the Mermaid and Sam Claflin as Phillip. Philip is a young stalwart missionary, and he is involve the quest on the way to fountain of the youth. And he fall in love with this mermaid called Syrena. (Spoiler) Philip had made Syrena disappointing at him twice but at the end they run away and disappear. (Spoiler)

All the Mermaids in Pirates 4 is dam hot, pretty and awesome, well to be frankly here, watch them in this movie is making me so-turn-ON. LOL! Mermaid in Pirates 4 is described slightly turn off, which mean the tales about mermaid is scary and got a lot of negative issue.
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This movie I rate 8/10. Very nice to watch and worth it I say, make sure you watch post credit scene too! From movie trailer view, there is some changes in Pirates 4 movie, you guys will wonder where is the Black Pearl, where is the little monkey? What happen with Barbossa and his outfit, and his crew members? As you guys know, Barbossa is Italian languages right? In English meaning is Red Beard. If you guys watch post credit scene of Pirates 4, is kinda funny and it is only less than 10second! And also it is related about Pirates 5!

By Kian Fai


  1. Great movie right?? XD Might buy the dvd once its out.. haha

  2. I can't wait for pirates 5 alrdy! and yes the mermaids are really scary x(

  3. Not reading spoilers!! Haha!

  4. i watched that in 3D last friday thanks to TNT.. i find it quite nice, at least it was 9pm show and i don't feel sleepy at all.. but then the 3D effects is just so minimum less than 40% i think, but the subtitle is 250% 3D, hahahaha!! :D

  5. Love the part Jack Sparrow climb up the coconut tree! haha XD

  6. fuiyo banyak nyer mermaid!!!!

  7. Angelica is really pretty although I wouldnt call her kind. She had a snake bite Jack as a threat and the only reason she didnt want Blackbeard to kill Jack was because she wanted a father and killing Jack would result in no one to lead them to the fountain and the result of that would be Blackbeard would be killed by Barbossa and Angelica wouldnt have a father. So she isnt as kind as you say,Kian Fai Koh.

    1. Thank you for providing such spoiler in this post :)

      I wouldn't wanted to post your opinion because I don't want to post any spoiler in this post.


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