Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Well I was thought that everyone need cellphone that's with camera, I was wrong about it. To be frankly over here, camera is very important in our life too. Important as in having important event, dinner, gathering occasion and party! You need it to took those memory down and cherish each moment of them while you have all the photo in your photo album.

You cant take wedding photo with your cellphone camera right?

You cant take family photo with your cellphone camera right?

You cant take honeymoon photo with your cellphone camera right?

Picture taken with Cellphone Camera, it was sooooo Blur!

Whenever there is a gathering or some big event, you need extra memory greater than phone memory card and sharpness of the photo quality must be greater than cellphone camera, that is why Camera exist and help you out!

Introducing Pentax RS1000! One of the nice and handy camera in your hand. Ultra-slim and lightweight compare with other camera in market! And 14.1 mega-pixels, wooo that was so big and clear! 

First, this camera is able to customize the skin! If you got some friend have the same camera with you, you can customize the skin with your idea. No doubt there is alot of lovely skin around the market and you can change it like changing the cloths! Remember, the box come with 11 type of alternative skin which mean after your purchase, you can change it freely by follow your feeling!

Introduction about Pentax RS1000 (Link)
If you click the Link, you can view this camera in 3D and some sample and function of this Camera too!
Before you buy, you can have a look on the website first and see how awesome about this camera. What a friendly webpage over there!

Oh well I am satisfy with everything right now but the problem is I need to borrow camera from my sister. I hope my sister wont get trouble from me anymore. You know what I mean! Wish me luck!

Project O&O is having this Online King & Queen Contest!
For those who's active in Facebook, Twitter and Blog, yes it is you! You can try to participate in this competition and grab this chance to win fabulous prize include Pentax RS1000! Here is the link to let you know about it!

- Online King & Queen Contest -

Project O&O - Twitter
Project O&O - Fanpage
Project O&O - Website
PENTAX - Website

Thanks for Reading, By Kian Fai.


  1. Good luck bro! I didnt know this competition requires you to blog on the camera.. thought we were required to be active only. I think it's very good improvisation on your part.

  2. Go go go for it Kianfax.. I rasa malas nak tulis nor. =[

    You gonna win this and let me try, can?

  3. I just realized this is a competition.. Good luck! :D

  4. hmm looks nice


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