Monday, May 30, 2011

Part of My PLKN National Service Memory

My PLKN National Service Memory
Firstly, I would like to report myself, my kem is from Merang Suria Holiday Kem, Kumpulan Dua, Siri Dua, Tahun 2005. Which is at Merang, Setiu, Terengganu, West Malaysia. Most of the KL people join this Kem for 3 months training, to be frankly over here, 3 months is not enough haha!

Yah this is the map I did on year 2008 I think, got 2 resort located nearby my kem and it is luxurious and expensive Hotel too! If not mistaken, the name is Sutra Beach Resort, Facebook Fanpage is over here. Good place to travel and my PLKN kem is consider one of the Five Star Kem in Malaysia. If you got little brother and sister who's going for PLKN training, pray for this Kem! Benefit of training in this Kem is . . . . Yah! 5pm Blow Wind session near the beach!

Can you recognize me?
Ahh look at this photo, so 18SX! LOL! This is like group photo of us called Botak Gang. Dam I got the most sunburn in the training . . . And I think most of the people couldn't recognize me because it is more than 5 years already. I still got keep in touch with some of my friend from PLKN, they are fine and healthy, even 1 to 2 of them get married too! Thanks to my friend sharing this!

 Photo Credit :
Steven, please allow me to use this photo because I miss Cikgu Annuar so badly! Cikgu Annuar is one of the fierce jurulatih in this kem, and sometimes he encourage us not to give up easy in the progression of training. I've made Cikgu Annuar disappointed because of my silly mistake in the competition and the scar is still in my heart and my memory. And in this real life and current fight of my life, I will not perform any mistake and try to do as best as I could!

So did you experience PLKN training? I gain back my weight since I leave PLKN kem, thinking back the progression of training, it makes me fire up my spirit of losing weight too! That's why 3months is not enough, PLKN is like a drama, as in enter the kem, split up and join groups with different races to be integrated. Training make you stronger and take part in competition, win the competition. Go to some foster home, travel around the kem area and experienced some life and gain knowledge too! Dramatic *sad*! Real life not allow me to do anything right now, as for the youngster who reading this . . . appreciate the moment in the Training! (If you got chosen) Thanks for reading!

By Kian Fai

P.S.: If my scanner is fix, you might saw some latest update from me about PLKN life too! Stay Tune!


  1. Seriously...I can't recognize you bro. :p

  2. Which one is u? lol!

  3. i also cant recognize u! lol..
    i didnt went thru National Service though :)

  4. same here.. which is you bro! lol ;) must put an arrow pointing to you head. :)

    my time no plkn also yet :P

  5. seriously,3 months really not enuf for us to know each others....i rmb i cry like hell when I hv to leave this camp...I miss it badly...the blow wind time,live in the jungle,my friends...we are from different background and we meet in this camp...Merang camp is really a nice camp,good environment...miss u guys alot!u noe anything abt KJ o nt?i oso miss him!!!

    im kt

  6. very hate u lo....
    make me damn miss those time...
    now everyone oso change alot adi...
    I oso have many pic by need to scan oso...
    I miss jurulatih,wira and wirawati...
    Fai,u still rmb o nt,the flying fox there,the scene so nice when u standing up there...

  7. @KT


    HAHA I got some scandalicious Photo in my album too! hihihihih

  8. got clue what. the most sunburnt one. LOL am i correct?

  9. LOL can't recognize you either...
    I wonder what is PLKN equivalent here in the Philippines...
    It must be really interesting

  10. Blame myself for skipping Standard 4, my PLKN time clash with my Matrikulasi already, that's why I'm not selected. Quite envy people that got chosen for it..

  11. I went through PLKN too, it was one of the best memories! Didnt regret going although I'm really reluctant at first HAHA OMG you guys all went into the kolam :P

  12. Eh, which one is you? How come so different from now? Ah! The most sunburnt one! Haha!! I think I know now. LOL!

  13. looks like u guys had a great time! so which one is u? :D

  14. haha i think i know which one is u! anyway I felt LUCKY cz didnt get to join this one! mwahaha

  15. hehe.. ur hair very da short :D but still cute like teddy bear :P

  16. Hey there,

    There is a new forum coming up that welcome all PLKN member's from the entire Malaysia. We welcome you guys and appreciate if you guys can show ur support to us. Thanks alot.



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