Friday, May 20, 2011

Ninja Joe

This post is NON HALAL! Alright?
I have been to this Ninja Joe outlet that located in Sunway Pyramid for so many times. I will feel so sorry if I don't write about this. This restaurant is not HALAL because it is serve with Pork Burger, Ninja Joe is one of the famous franchise outlet in Malaysia, first Ninja Joe is located at Tropicana City Mall, second Ninja Joe is at Sunway Pyramid and third Ninja Joe is at Mid Valley.

Service here was not bad, I went on 11am and all the shop in Sunway Pyramid just open and not many people went in yet. Located beside FRIDAYS and T-BOWL Restaurant.

Thanks to friendly staff which is assist me in ordering, I try to order drinks and the staff tell me to add on and show me the price over the menu. And I tell you what, I am so happy about it. Hehe! (Because I always order burger only.)

Drinks and Fries it will cost RM 3.90 and add on Zing Soda will cost another RM 1.00. I order Zing Soda which is flavored in Kiwi. Look at the cup of drinks, looks like some potion drink right? I might turn into Incredible Hulk if I drink it more. (Just for Laugh) 

Ordered 2 Ninjas and both is Oriental flavored, very tender and juicy, I wont feel bored to eating this because I just addict into this flavor. (Since I only eat this one month once or twice)

Introducing Brucely, since I had followed @porkburger on twitter, I got the news so I order Brucely and hitch it! =D Brucely cost RM 9.90 and I added extra bacon which is cost RM 1.00.

Brucely close up. Oh well . . . vegetarian Brucely? LOL I wait for this Brucely Burger for around 10minutes and it is not bad and it wont disappoint those who order this, because it is Fresh and HOT! 

Ok maybe I should mock off Brucely outfit. (SPOILER) And the Brucely pork meat exposed! Wow! Grill Pork Meat.

For those who like to eat Grill Pork Meat you can try this. For me it taste not bad, and you can see below my hand, the sauce is still dripping!

So last and not least, why do I support Ninja Joe because "REAL NINJAS RECYCLE" hehehe. Ya Ninja Joe is consider one of the Environmental Friendly Restaurant. For those who can eat pork, why not you have a try on Pork Burger today? Thanks for reading! And have a nice meal!

Facebook: Ninja Joe, Twitter: @porkburger

By Kian Fai


  1. Wei, i never tried this before.. ajak me next time! Wahahah. I want pork burgers!!

  2. ooo wow! this outlet is big...nice :)

  3. Eiyer.. why this one looks nice one?? Last time I order that one not nice one. Hmm~

    Maybe I should try bruce lee... opss~ brucely. Kay?? XD

  4. Wanted to try last time,but at last I chose to eat in T-bowl,lol.

  5. I wonder what's the difference between Big Boss and Brucely :S

  6. I quite like their burger =D

  7. Alright, *baca doa* before eat pork bugger LOL!
    Big Boss + Brucely = Goliath Burger! Thanks I will let Ninja Joe to be my next food assignment XD

  8. I guess Ninja Joe is the only one selling pork burger in town right? : )

  9. muahahaa.. here i come!! hey weiii... come and treat me pork burger!! looks nice :D

  10. wow.. finally M'sia got burger BABI ah? hehehe

  11. i think i went past ninja joe a few times at tropicana city mall.. didnt enter also.. hehe.. but seems pricey for that burger? i shall try one day! :)


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