Thursday, May 26, 2011

CHi Fitness

CHi Fitness, which is located in Centro Mall, Klang and PJ Trade Centre, Damansara Perdana. Both outlet is also located in Klang Valley area.

CHi Fitness Interior Design (Counter), very unique feel if you browse through the picture from the CHi Fitness website. To make people feel more enjoying and hardworking in his/her gym session! (Well if I am free, I feel like drop by this place too!)

What is CHi Fitness? From the name of CHi, reminds me of "Qi Gong" in some Kung Fu drama and movie, train the way you breath the energy into your body and use it as a power to strengthen your body. To build up a healthy lifestyle, strong in stamina and body, CHi Fitness might be one of the centre that can help you out to be stronger!

Not to forget to mention CHi Fitness is celebrating 1st Year Anniversary on 28th May, 2011 this coming Saturday! Location is at PJ Trade Centre, everyone can go and have a look what kind of goodies or promotion they are trying to give out!

Project O&O is having this Online King & Queen Contest, CHi Fitness is also one of the sponsor for Project O&O too!
For those who's active in Facebook, Twitter and Blog, yes it is you! You can try to participate in this competition and grab this chance to win fabulous prize include One Year membership from CHi Fitness! Here is the link to let you know about it!

Project O&O - Twitter
Project O&O - Fanpage
Project O&O - Website
CHi Fitness - Fanpage

Thanks for Reading, By Kian Fai.


  1. eh bro we should go and build up our muscle! :D

  2. Healthy living bro.. i like it!

  3. Hey good! Actually I'm like super sedentary and hate exercise although I'm having internship in Sport Institute LMAO

  4. seems like u really wan to win the camerahhhh

  5. it's been awhile since i last attended the gym... gosh.. I feel so fat now... time to workout hehe

  6. can CHI fitness beat BEDminton? If can.. then I'll join :P

  7. Not much time for workout ler T.T

  8. so near my place but lazy to hit the gym o.O


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