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The Avengers (Coming Soon)

Introduction below is just my opinion and my little research on Google and Wikipedia, introduction is all about my movie opinion and some frictional character which is appear in The Avengers (2012). Thanks for reading.

The Avengers Movie is coming on year 2012. One of the most excited movie and must watch movie in year 2012, if not mistaken, this movie will be on cinema screen on Summer of 2012. As you can see I am doing some introduction about character in this movie. So I will posted some photo below and you guys can eye on them.

Appeared in Thor (2011) movie, regarding about his journey got sacked from realm of Asgard. By getting his power back, he need someone to love him and cry for him (I think). He got normal body and lose all the power by sacked on earth land so he got hit be Destroyer with single blow, Jane Foster cry for him and beg him to be alive. Story goes on if you guys had watch this movie in Summer of year 2011. So this coming up The Avengers movie will goes back to Chris Hemsworth as Thor.

Hawkeye, I am not really familiar with this character. But I thought he is from Justice League and I was wrong, the dude from Justice League is Green Arrow. Hawkeye as known as Goliath and Ronin, he doesn't have super power, he is very strong and superb condition in human being, exceptional fencer, acrobat and a grandmaster marksman.

Appears in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) late summer on year 2011, this movie haven't screen in cinema yet. And Captain America is very famous since my childhood, all I know is "there is this super hero name called [Captain America]". LOL! From the movie trailer view, Steve Rogers always wanted to serve himself into Army Force of America but he is way too thin. There is one chance await him but it is experiment, to bulk up his body in instant. So he give his try and start his Superb Journey. I cant wait and watch this movie actually, one of the must watch movie in year 2011.

Appear in Iron Man (2008) and Iron Man 2 (2010),  Tony Stark, a playboy and super rich ass in Iron Man story, own his dad Stark Industries, which is create military weapons for his own country. One day he got captured by terrorist and force him to create some blue print which is contain destructive weapon to destroy country in instant, and he got heavy injury too. He create a power armor suit and save himself. After that he do research and improve his armor suit to protect the world. Rumor says that Iron Man 3 is coming out in year 2013. Wow!

Appear in The Incredible Hulk (2008), previous actor of Bruce Banner is Edward Norton. For this movie, Mark Rufallo will become Bruce Banner for The Avengers movie. Dr. Bruce Banner, how he become Green Giant Freak? He got in this gamma ray experiment and something had gone wrong. Whenever his pulse getting faster, he will become The Incredible HULK! Smash! And ROAR! Woot!

Black Widow, which is appeared in Iron Man 2 (2010), The Black Widow is expert in Athlete and Gymnast, Martial Artist which is including Karate, Various Style of Kung Fu and more. Means she don't have any special power and she is another Super Heroes which is trained since childhood and hard time training.

Loki, can be found in Thor (2011), once a brother of Thor Odinson and son of Odin. Loki lie to Thor that Odin is dead and his Mother had forbid Thor return to realm of Asgard. Once again he will be appeared in The Avengers (2012) and I think he will be role-playing one of the biggest villain in this movie, again. 

Samuel as Nick Fury in The Avengers movie, Samuel is a well known actor for Star Wars series too! Who is it? Not to forgot to mention this, it is Mace Windu! Ok my memory of Nick Fury is a white guy but . . . ok anyways this Nick Fury is leading a organisation called SHIELD. If you guys know Phil Coulson who had found Thor weapon Mjolnir, he is under SHIELD agent too. SHIELD existence is very important in Marvel Comic Movie because SHIELD is a organisation that related to Army and it is one of the strongest organisation in the world, when the Government dealing with something crisis, SHIELD is the first person who contact with and need SHIELD to contact The Avengers for assistance. 

There is more Heroes in The Avengers such as Spider-Man, Wolverine, and more. Maybe some of them will be appear in the next "The Avengers" movie in future? With some super villain in action too!
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If Loki appear in The Avengers, which means the story is related the video I posted above?
Thanks for reading and Thanks to KyrilSoul-X for sharing this.

By Kian Fai


  1. will be looking forward to this movie.


  3. Samuel looks strikingly familiar to his fictional character. :p

  4. i like your explanation. now i don't need to go through all the history!

  5. Wah! The movie not out yet and you are already blogging about it? But good introduction! : D

  6. wow, all the superheros (and the big cast) appearing in a single movie!! worth a watch and seriously looking forward to it..

  7. I was about to say that about Samuel and his character too! Hahahahha!!!

  8. I watched RIO again with Ethan today and saw the trailer for Smurf! I so wanna watch that! :(

  9. Wow! U r indeed a movie freak! lol!

  10. Walao ! Agree what Joshua said. Movie freak !! xD


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