Saturday, April 9, 2011

WeBUY Community Giveaway Project

WeBUY, every second matters. Make sure you read blog post if you're regular person who's like to shopping online like mad. As in another way, you're shopping spree online in Malaysia, you must read this! Because WeBUY is going to give-away a big big KA-CHING!

Ok this is very serious because WeBUY is having this project that open for all Existing & New WeBUY member! Actually how is this BUY works? Now this BUY had archive 500 BUY, so each of the buyer will receive RM 3 into their e-wallet. So by referring the chart I had posted below, if the number of buyer is growing, which means you and me will gain more reward.

If 10,000 people had BUY the BUY above, WeBUY will have a lucky draw.
WeBUY will be drawing 10 lucky winner to win a RM 300.00 extra to their WeBUY e-wallet.
Remember, make sure your Facebook account “Like" WeBUY Fan-page.

Others offer at WeBUY website. Just look at the pricing of others BUY, either 50% or 60% discount, it helps you save a lots of pocket money, and the BUY might be 5 star Food Restaurant or some food that didn't really discover yet! It might be juicy & delicious BUY too!

There is also another offer if you discover this Refer Friends button at Top Right side corner of WeBUY Website. Click this and share it with your Friends, Family, Neighbor, Friends Friends, Colleague, Your Boss, Your Lecturer, Your Relative and more! What else? Just telling them that WeBUY DO offer a lots of great BUY, at the same time you can get reward from WeBUY too! 

Picture of "How WEBUY works". SIGN UP with WeBUY, you will receive email from WeBUY updates, with new products and food promotions. You can also share the great BUY with your friends & family through online, especially those attractive food with attractive price! You can BUY the promotion at WeBUY through payment online and ready to enjoy the BUY! Remember, share it with your family and friends!

Video of "How WeBUY works", remember to watch if you can't really understand the image above.
For More Information, you guys can contact WeBUY, detail is at below.
WeBUY Facebook, WeBUY Twitter, WeBUY Official Website.
Office Contact: 03-7804 6933, Email:

So what are you waiting for? Join WeBUY, Share WeBUY and BUY the Great BUY NOW!

By Kian Fai


  1. Pffttt~ that smiley face looks similar ~~~~~~~~~~ =D

  2. Ok,will check that out, Kian Fai..thanks for info..

  3. Woot, nice effort too bro. Lol! very complete with all the details. :)

  4. You got participate in 'weBuy' or not? anyway thanks for the comment=)

  5. Yes. The more people the merrier. :D Everyone counts.

  6. exchange links sweety?pls let me know tnx a lot

  7. thanks for sharing, that looks like some interesting way to earn some extra cash~~ :)


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