Sunday, April 17, 2011

Show Luo 3D World Tour in Malaysia (2011)

罗志祥 - 无舞法舞天之一万零一夜
Did you miss Show Luo Concert in Malaysia? Show Luo Concert is happening on Saturday, 16th of April, year 2011! Location Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil! Went this concert with Jun Fook, and this is my first time attending a concert. Why? Because ticket is very expensive and unknown location for purchasing a ticket concert, but now it is very convinient because by searching a website and they will tell you where to purchase the ticket concert. And of course thanks to NuffnangMY and Celcom for this concert ticket!

Ticket of Show Luo Concert, Live in Malaysia 2011!

Opening of Show Luo Concert, it was so cool and awesome! 3D Visual Effect, so touching when he land on the stage!

Show Luo singing in the concert! He bring the whole crowds in the Stadium towards peak! He's dam awesome because he can sing and dance too!

Show Luo also not to forget to grab his fan camera phone and cam-whore with his fan! How sweet was he!

Not to forget to take picture with Mr. Jun Fook (Right).

Simon and his friend! From Left to Right, Tze How, Jason, Simon and Me! Lmao! They are so crazy fan of Show Luo!

It seems that Malaysia have a bad Organizer, which is force those people who have the camera and tell them to keep it at so called "Lost & Found" counter, at the end of the concert, I think it took more then 1hour to clear the stuff which is placed on "Lost & Found" counter. I wonder how much RELA got paid for this event? Because they are so excited and having "fun" to catch those people who's using camera and camera phone too . . .

Conclusion! Show Luo Concert is dam awesome! Can sing! Can dance! The most important thing is . . . He rock this concert! Mr. Show Luo, you better come to Malaysia have more concert and event! Choose nice Organizer too! See you again!

SHOW LUO - Weibo

By Kian Fai


  1. nice concert.. too bad RELA flashing everyone.. What the point?

  2. Not his fan. But my hat off as he is one of the most hardworking artists I know. :)

  3. I am not a fan of Show. Btw, his name is really funny! Looks like you enjoyed the show! : )

  4. Cool event bro, and happy for you coz you got to watch it for free! The both of you!

    My eXperiences -

  5. AWESOME! though am not a fan of him! :p

  6. Really awesome mannnn !! woohoo

  7. show lo is awesome! <3
    i love him so much
    p.s:i saw my weibo pic accidently in your blog (sweat.. that 'dyshow' is me)


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