Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Roommate (2011)

 Hi all, First of all I would like to Thanks for the invitation from NuffnangMY, and I am hereby to write this post about a movie called "The Roommate". Sounds normal isn't it? But the movie poster seems to be very creepy and you're right this movie is slightly creepy but not as disturbing as Scream 4. But this movie will give some heavy shock and impact to the audience, and also this Movie is not suitable for some young teenage unless you are over 18 years old.

Trailer of The Roommate (2011), remember to click and watch ya!

Minka Kelly as Sara Matthews, she just started her College and she got her new roommate. Which is Rebecca, has an obsession with her.

Leighton Meester as Rebecca, just look at her face . . . she is dam awesome in this kind of character, very creepy when she is trying to "protect" Sara. Very pity her because all she want is be with her forever.

Cam Gigandet as Stephen, boy friend of Sara. He even get stalked by Rebecca while he is looking for book in Library. He also help Sara alot while she need to move out her hostel. Try to watch this movie for more information about her boy friend.

Ok the photo above is slightly creepy right? Try to think for Rebecca, she is so obsess about Sara. All she need is to be with her only . . . ok enough of the psycho thinking! This movie I would rate 6.5/10, it is kind of normal but Leighton Meester as Rebecca is a good job on it, she show the hunger of obsession and I would think that she did it! Feel free and no harm by watching this movie, all you need is . . . do not learn anything from this movie, obsession is not good for health!

By Kian Fai


  1. I'm holding my breath most of the time LOL!

  2. hey, the last picture don't have that scene in the movie right?

  3. Wahahaa, they really capitalize on the scare tactics. Overall an OK show only, quite predictable and coule have been better :)

    You know what I was thinking? Hey, if the two main actresses weren't hot, would I still be watching this? :)

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  4. I dont remember seeing the part where Rebecca was touching Sara's hair?? =O Shitt... Short term memory loss! Craap. =/

  5. I will download and watch.
    Luckily I got no roommate. I no need to feel scared about it.

  6. o.O" lols this is what i wrote to get the ticket to give to carmen ^^
    Hmm... obsession.
    I would make that person as my number one fan and hire that person to handle all my blogging and PR related headaches^^.
    then I'll work that person to the bone which he/she will as they are obsessed with me.
    So much so that they will either stop obsessing or die working o.O" whoa new level of narcissism...
    either that or I'll intro a new obsession to them^^ Go stalk Nuffnang^^.

  7. i don't mind watching this movie again lor, SYOOOK :P

  8. I... err... eeee... >.<

    Thank goodness I have the BEST roommate ever now! :P

  9. Both of them really look alike that I cant differentiate who is who LOL

  10. I don't dare to watch horror movies ><

  11. oh at first i thot it's about some 8 million souls that are trying to invade into Sara's life, hahaha.. so it's just some psycho-triller kind of plot between Rebecca and her, hehehe~~ :p


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