Wednesday, April 6, 2011

OREO Dessert Night!

 Fried Oreo, compared with normal Oreo, this is no ordinary Oreo at all! Because it become some kind of fried dessert! Oreo itself melted when fried it, so it taste like red bean paste.

Well, first time not so efficient to update this post, because I create part of this event. Anyways, I would like to show my gratitude and appreciation to Carmen because this gathering held in her house, and thank you to Carmen parents also, thanks alot! This event held on last Saturday night and basically this is a potluck gathering. I forgot what other people bring and all I remember is I had bought overload Hokkien Mee for all of them. Hokkien Mee which is near Ah Wa Hokkien Mee (at the other side of corner) and the taste is kind of off taste.

Adrian Leong showing some magic! Was very fun having him over here, thanks to Carmen for inviting him along into this, so the crowd won't be so boring!

Adrian was doing some trick and ask me to shuffle the "Invisible Deck" while he is performing some tricks, he may be perform for you guys in future if you got chance to meet him.

Carmen was laughing out loud while I was scratching my head and think "How dumb I was" LOL.

Haha this is started by Elwyn or Qiwen, I remember that Qiwen was massaging Jayren Shoulder at first and I forgot Elwyn massage whose shoulder LOL. Then everyone start queuing up like train and massaging for each other.

After finish watching Arsenal Draw Game, is kind of tired and disappointed.
So, I shall end this post by this picture? At the back was Edmund Tan, friends of Sherry and same pri-school mate as Isaac Tan, surprise right and now I do think that this world is small! LOL! Bad Sherry throw the small pillow onto my face and cover it nicely done, then Tony, Edmund and Henry add-on more pillows! Hahah anyways everyone of them enjoy this gathering right? There is more coming soon and I can see some changes on Facebook, Twitter and Blog too! Good day to you guys and thanks for sharing your time on this post! ADIOS!

By Kian Fai

Photo Credit: Carmen, Jayren


  1. Yesh, I enjoyed with you guys before I went back to my hometown! :P

  2. the part where you open that invisible coin pouch was freaking hilarious! epic man!!

  3. Fried oreos...look like fried...kuih bakul. :p

  4. I want hokkien mee! :D Where can I get yummy and not off taste one? HAHA

  5. hahaha!! quite fun n interesting way to cook oreo! :D

  6. i wan more om nom nom gatherings! XD

  7. Wah.. adrian shiok lah got massaged by leng lui!! U on the other hand.. got massaged by what ah there? I saw a.. PIG?!! LMAO!

  8. wow i shoudl try em next time hahaha ;d

  9. Huh? Fried Oreo?! First time in my life heard about this! Nice or not? I think I prefer the normal Oreo, unfried. LOL!

  10. wow.... blogger become real life friend.. a lots of gathering...

  11. omg.. fried OREO! Never try or think of frying it.. creative ^.^ d

  12. I've heard of a lot food, but I've never once have seen or heard of Fried Oreo. Interesting, but indeed creative!

    Oreos are still good to me though anyway you have them!

    Nice site you have here!


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