Monday, April 18, 2011

My Frustrated Monday 18042011

My most emo post! I will spoil my own image here soon!
And thanks for every one who concern about me, I got try to contact my Digi provider and I would think that I get the answer by tomorrow. Or maybe lets pray for me that my PC is fine and everything will go smooth on tomorrow!

I can access gmail,, Flickr, and
But I cant access my, and
I am using Digi broadband and my usage is only go to 59% . . .
DIGI! Y U NO load properly?
So is it my PC problem? Or my face problem . . . also emo me meh . . . I didn't use my PC for Sunday then when I on my PC on Monday, it become like this . . . Very frust because my work all inside my

Using my gmail account and sent some work to my mum, and my mum mind fucked me because she say "no I didn't receive your mail at all" this and that ya ya ya bull shit!

I hope later movie screening can make me feel better.
Next post . . . The Roommate (2011), Stay Tune!

By Kian Fai


  1. Triple chill. Later go enjoy at movie screening. Things like that happens. Dont think bout it so much now try again later maybe can dy :)

  2. cool down bro! :)

    well y dnt u try to close everything and refresh it? and u also have to know that facebook require lots data usage to load all the images in fb, so it might be when u're loading it, other pages automatically affected? :)

    or maybe its time to upgrade to Yes4g broadband? :p

  3. yo! me scared leh! Me want the cute adorable fluffy Kian Fai back.. dun so emo. Chill with a bowl of Snowflakes aye? :D

  4. lol my fren aso like this before.cannot access to facebook for a month,but other website ok gambathe^^

  5. Good luck for ur PC.. staying tune with ur latest post on The Roommate xD!

  6. It's time to change. Change a new PC, change a new internet provider? :p


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