Saturday, April 16, 2011

FRAMES, The Chicken, Fish & Beef Burger.

 When to FRAMES for my dinner, thanks to Mark for introduce this burger. Why I was there for my dinner? And actually I wanted to find some tips for the Goliath Challenge this coming Sunday. Mark told me that this burger was half of the burger of Goliath challenge!

I did regret for eating this burger and at the same time . . . I am glad that I try this burger too! At least I know what I need to do on the Goliath Challenge, which step I should start first and how. Wish me luck alright?

(Sorry that Camera got no battery on last minute, photo taken from phone.)

Chicken, Fish & Beef Burger - RM 34.70
3 combination of patty and play it as all in one style of the burger. Taste slightly salty and very filling. No mistake, it come with fries!

Try to look at the contain of this burger, is with egg and vege, and combination of three different meats makes you taste fish, chicken and beef. Feel free to drop by the link I posted below if you're interested.
Wanted to make reservation for big party?
Can Dial: 03-5631 9989
And can visit the Website: FRAMES, Facebook FRAMES Cafe.

By Kian Fai


  1. All the best Kian Fai! You can do it :D

  2. A little bit ridiculous if you ask me. RM35 wor! :p

  3. RM35 omg! I will starve to eat it lol! good luck kian fai tai kor!

  4. Wow, you're really very serious in this competition bro.

    I wonder how many times you have dined there? Mark must give you a VIP card or something.

    Good luck tomorrow!!! If everything goes well, I shall be there to support you!


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