Monday, April 18, 2011

Fail to Slain Goliath

As the title above, I had fail to succeed my mission by killing Goliath alive! It is dam suffering because the food inside my mouth gonna burst it off if I continue finish the burger. Not to blame anything because Goliath was overpowering? Well anyway, I am slightly regret about cannot finish this burger, which means that I am not a big eater anymore haha! I shall go and diet and not to eat like werewolf again! So . . . no more next attempt on this burger! Of course I will take some photo and post in here! Not to show my ugly face which is full of mayonnaise!

Starting my Goliath Challenge which come with Root Bear Float, French Fries (Fuck-up), and Burger . . . in this photo, this Burger is very smart because you would think that it is very small . . .

Think Twice babe, this Burger is almost same height with the jug of root beer float and taller than your iPhone 4. The fries is dam torturing also! Well I am not giving any tips here because it is very obvious that which portion you need to "attack" first!

Just try to take a look at beef patty, is more thick than the bread! And the fries it self will give some illusion that "we are growing more and more" hahaha! Egg and Mayonnaise make my whole mouth oily and slightly headache because I hate oily food (I don't know why).

Stop at 25th minute and look at my jug, I drink more than I eat I think. And I cant finish the first beef patty also (I am very sure is first beef patty). And seriously I love root beer float! LMAO!

Goliath Challenge cost RM 49.90 (Service Charge not included and Reserve it 1-2days earlier)
[If you manage to finish this whole set in 30minute, you can have this as Free and your table bill got 50% discount!]
Well I think I am not trying anything like this again but of course I will support Frames Cafe due to they cook nice food! Try to more on losing weight activities and archive my target!

Feel free to drop by the link I posted below if you're interested.
Wanted to make reservation for big party?
Can Dial: 03-5631 9989
And can visit the Website: FRAMES, Facebook FRAMES Cafe.

By Kian Fai


  1. wah, the root beer in the beginning so much foam. it's called foam is it?

  2. Whoa! I would have failed that like.. On the spot. I thought it was just the burger! Didnt now it was the whole SET! =O Nice try though! Now, to go on a diet. Haha! =P

  3. By the way you got a nice tried in your life. =)

  4. if i ate that huge portion i'll skip my meal for a week LOL bcos too full!

  5. GOSH! Never thought the root beer float can be really this huge! but for such lover, surely gonna enjoy it! hahaha am pretty sure u can finish it if there's no time frame, right? ;) cheer up buddy, at least u've tried ur best! and no regret! :D *hugs*

  6. Great try bro! but the servings are super huge leh. Omg. Were you like the first to try this challenge? Anybody else tried it?

    My eXperiences -

  7. haha, i think this is again some promotion marketing gimmicks.. such a huge portion is really a challenge or i shall say impossible for normal people.. by giving this free if you can finish is just a very slim probability, but most of the challenger ended up paying that RM49.90 which is a good earn for the restaurant.. calculate for them, this actually makes money~~ :)

  8. BTW, i think it's a good idea for me to share this with two other friends, haha~~ :D

  9. The burger n root beer n fries all look extremely large. I think I can share 3 person for that set haha. Anyway nice try.:)

  10. At least you tried! But the rootbeer is really big, got float somemore :O

  11. Goodness gracious....just look at the root beer...this is truly a huge goliath to be slain. :p

  12. I saw ur video on munkey's blog. Omg! madnessss! The fries and rootbeer is reallly killer!


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