Friday, March 18, 2011

Rango (2011)

What-sup? Well I had watch this movie with my friends last night, very nice and entertaining movie. Thanks to Carmen, so that I have this chance to watch this movie. And I seriously gonna eat Nando's again because it was not filling on that night! :(

So this film is about a random nameless Charmeleon was wandering in the desert, he bump into a lizard called Beans and tag him along into this town called Dirt, here's the journey begin.

Rango Movie Trailer, feel free to watch it in HD.

Not to forget to mention about the voice actor, Johnny Depp as Rango.

Character in Rango, you guys must watch this Movie, each of them represent different characteristic too.

The 4 Owls in Rango was my all time favorite! The Owl who blow the trumpet reminds me of my memory while I'm in the marching band. Those Owls dam smart alright, the appear everywhere while in the movie, hahah what to do? Cartoon 2D what?

Sheriff Rango was leading a group of the people from Dirt.

The Eagle and Rango, face down at the Dirt Town, must watch how Rango success slain this Eagle!

Bill Nighy as Rattlesnake Jake. A scary snake in this movie, have a machine gun at his tail! Rango vs Jake, who will win?

So I would rate this movie 6/10, it is nice to watch with parents and some other people too! Laugh and joy with this movie, blend in with it. Cheers!

By Kian Fai


  1. Sigh I miss watching movie, can't remember the last movie I watch at the cinema and when is it >.<

  2. nice movie.. i must have my time on this movie

  3. Couldnt make it last night, but it seems to be a nice movie bro

  4. I so wanna watch this show with ETHAN! so very da cute!!!!

  5. I have watched this with my wife. It is simply awesome! :D

  6. Oh, I seldom watch movies.. the last one i watched was Shaolin starring Andy Lau.. :)

  7. i am scared of animals who can roll their eyes 360 degrees so i will never watch this== LOL


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