Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Am Number Four (2011)

Hey guys and girls, I am here one more time to update my blogpost. This time is a movie called "I Am Number Four" which is on the cinema screen earlier last week (24th February 2011). Well thanks to ChurpChurp and I had win pair of ticket from them and go ahead watch this movie with Henry Lee.

And I would like to thanks to Tikkoss who wanted to give me his extra ticket too. =)

Callan McAuliffe as Sam, Alex Pettyfer as Number 4 aka John Smith in the Movie. When they are trying to sneak into Mogadorian base and try to rescue Henri.

Timothy Olyphant as Henri aka Number Four Guardian in film with Alex Pettyfer as John Smith.
And I wonder how come Henri know about Sam Father and it's kind of complicated, it makes the ending of this Movie become complicated.

Dianna Agron as Sarah, John Smith Lover.

Teresa Palmer as Number 6, which is possess very powerful ability and which is about speed and assassination. (Spoiler)And of course she might need Number 4 help to recharge, as meaning as she need assistant from Number 4 as known as John Smith.

Kevin Durand as Mogadorian Commander (sounds like Doraemon instead), from the image above you can see that the make up is for testing only and it's similar to Movie character too. Groups of Mogadorian is under command by the actor called Kevin Durand, in the Movie is kind of kick asses of bad-ass and I think it's awesome!

This is one of the guardian of Number Four, it followed Number Four and Henri since childhood. When Number Four caught into trouble, this guardian will try to assist Number Four as soon as possible.

Photo credit by Tikkoss and Jayren. Thanks, and I lazy to tag others blogger link here la LOL.

Well so I think this movie was not bad, it's worth to watch it too.
Therefore this movie I rate 6.5/10.
For those who's so crazy about superheroes stuff for sure will gonna rush into cinema and watch this movie because of some action sense which is very hero alike and superb.

Have Fun!

Best Regard, Kian Fai


  1. The action is great but the lovey dovey scene quite boring tho...

  2. No 4 and 6 both also hot! :D

    p/s: I keep hearing people laughing throughout the movie and someone even said WTH at one of the scene lol damn funny HAHA

  3. A lot of publicity has been given to this movie. :D

  4. I am going to watch this movie. Sounds like pretty cool aye.

  5. I like number 6. One heck of an assasin. :)

  6. Tikkoss got extra TICKER? Wat is Ticker? I googled and found that TICK also means KUTU.. means Tikkoss wanted to give u his KUTU! hahahahha.. so generous of Tikkoss! :P

  7. @Merryn Thank you for the generous mention! I will fix it as soon as possible, thanks!

  8. Sounds like a nice movie! But I prefer to watch The Rite! Hehe

  9. 6.8/10? Wah, why you like to rate the movies up to the decimal points? Any difference between 6.8 and 6.9? Haha!

  10. I think I'll go watch if it's 7/10 LOL!

  11. I thought I saw bunch of you.. but I only recognise you and tikkoss and one girl (if not mistaken name Sherry).

    Anyway, watching movie with blogger feel like sth but I dont know how to explain.. just different.. hehe.. especially ppl laughing..


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