Thursday, March 31, 2011

HOP (2011)

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Hello all, this post for this movie is called HOP, is about easter bunny and first human easter bunny. You guys know what is the meaning of HOP right? Is Bunny Hop Yo! Ok this is just a movie alright? You can't mix it in real life anyways, if you do like to meet a talking easter bunny, pray hard then! By watching this movie, maybe you guys will know how to celebrate and why easter day and easter bunny? Ok silly me, you should check Google search or Wikipedia for more information about Easter, because I don't really celebrate easter!

Trailer of HOP (2011), remember to watch this! So you may think that this movie is fun or not.

James Marsden as Fred O'Hare, well I don't know what comes in his mind with some crazy idea.

Kaley Cuoco as Sam O'Hare, Fred Sister, is kind of funny when she hold up the easter bunny.

Russell Brand, voice for E.B. Funny Easter Bunny which is very talented in Playing Drums.

Carlos, voice for Hank Azaria and E.B.'s Dad, voice for Hugh Laurie, Carlos which is very evil-bevil minded, E.B.'s Dad who is wanted his son become his successor.

Phil and Carlos, both of them are voice for Hank Azaria too, very hard and difficult because both of these chicky have very different voice. Phil is a very funny chicky and like to listen to music and drum beat too.

Not to forget this groups, claim themselves as Easter Bunny Pink Beret. Is something like a special force in Easter Island.

Rating: 7/10
Overall this movie is kind of cute, children would like to watch this movie because of cute also because every children in this world they love cute chubby bunny alright? And this movie does teach some moral story too, appreciate Easter Day and appreciate the relationship with family too.

Group photo of us before entering into the cinema, thanks to Tony photo and I think most of you guys can recognize who are they too. Have fun to watching this movie! I want more Candy~ And drink more water~ Happy Easter Day! Don't get April-fooled!

By Kian Fai


  1. Yay! looking forward to more movie screenings with you guys ~!!!

  2. lol.. copy tony's photo via u.. ><

  3. Luv the part when EB clap his hand when he pretend to be the fake bunny, haha!! so funny

  4. April fool near... dun get fool.. haha..

  5. I want those gummy candies! :D and jellybeans!

  6. I shall watch this movie!!

  7. guys really love movie screening o. :D

    Yeah! I watch the trailer already. Should be interesting. THe jelly beans?

  8. I wanna go watch it! i wanna go watch it! I wanna go watch it!!!

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  10. @meoramri You got twitter? or you can drop a email to me at

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