Thursday, March 17, 2011

Great Deal on McDonald's Breakfast!

Only in Malaysia and last until this month only! (March 2011)
Click this image to view it in large version, right click and save it into your computer! Print it out in Black and White will do! Here is the image link.

Yah! This is the deal guys and girls! No mistake that this voucher is only for MCD Breakfast! And I think it is for dine in only. Thanks to shiiteck for sharing his blogpost with us! You guys can visit his blogpost for more references too! Actually what he did is buying 2 cup of coffee in Mc Donald's and show this voucher to them and get this offer. Valid until 31st of March, 2011! Please note that!

By Kian Fai.

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(Link may expire anytime)


  1. wow! hehe thanks for this sharing post kian fai! ;)

  2. Beside dine in, you can take away & drive thru too. Not available for delivery service :) I just request for take away this morning :)

  3. thanks for sharing! mcd breakfast is loveeeee :D

  4. But must purchase a minimum of 5 first? that so damn expensive ler. :p

  5. Good deal! But I hardly eat at McD! haha

  6. not bad. but mcD so far from my house. summore seldom eat mcD except for d mcflurry! :p

  7. I've never had McD breakfast before. You know why? I can never wake up on time.. usually by the time I get to McD already lunch time.. :( Can you buy something and send over to me? :P

  8. so big! do wut i did, crop the coupon part oni, duplicated it. rofl. i printed 20 of them on one A4 paper.


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