Saturday, March 26, 2011


At the picture above, I start to fall in love with this photo! Because from 3rd of April until 26th of April, every Thursday and Sunday will have this campaign is about who can finish this whole big sets of "Goliath Challenge" in 30minute, the fastest dominator of this campaign will win RM 500 cash prizes! For More info can visit FRAMES Cafe Facebook or read at the photo above!

Well, Hi all again! I would like to update something really good and it is about FRAMES Cafe alright? Ya like again . . . Previously my update is about FRAMES Cafe Concept and FRAMES Cafe Blogger Gathering, now I would like to post about FRAMES Cafe with food!

As you guys know that my previous dinning experience isn't going well in FRAMES Cafe and the management from FRAMES would like to invite us again to dine in 1 more time. But that time I didn't really bring my sis newly bought camera, so this time I had dine in again in FRAMES Cafe with RM 50 discount voucher! If you guys miss previous Hahah Deal, you guys can enjoy their new offer that promoting on Hahah Deal website alright?

By this time we do manage took some clear photo! (Not from my phone) Photo below is me with my younger sister! (Camera Owner) And the other photo is my younger brother! Food Introduction will start right below now!

Watermelon Lychee - RM 8.90

Iced Lemon Tea - RM 7.90

Hot Honey Lemon - RM 5.90, I prefer to take the cup~ Nothing special inside anyways.

Spicy Seafood Carbonara - RM 19.90, one of the FRAMES recommended Spaghetti and this is very nice and hot!

Marinara - RM 19.90, mixed seafood with tomato sauce, not bad at all.

Beef Burger with additional mushroom - RM 25.80, one of the signature burger in FRAMES Cafe, why? Look at the image below!

Beef Burger! Juicy indeed with additional mushroom! One of the must try Burger in FRAMES Cafe! And I only manage to finish off this burger with knife and fork.

Classic Tiramisu - RM 13.90, not bad but it is too small not enough for monster like us!

Chocolate Brownies - RM 12.90, so me and my brother decide to other this! Vanilla ice cream on top and very hot brownies at the bottom! The taste is dam nice because hot and cold at the same time! Remember to drink more water after having this Brownies!

Have you tempted by me? LOL if you and your family or your darling is hungry while shopping at Sunway Pyramid, why don't you drop by here? Coffee is one of the signature too in FRAMES Cafe!
Wanted to make reservation for big party?
Can Dial: 03-5631 9989
And can visit the Website: FRAMES

By Kian Fai


  1. The food, drinks and desserts are ganas-ly expensive weih, hope it's nice though :)

  2. Wah, how do you eat that burger? With hand or fork and spoon?

  3. the price actually not that expensive compare to tony roma or itallianies but the quality n taste is another thing... i havent go yet for the repeat visit :)

  4. The burger. OMG! Juicy and damn huge if you ask me. :p

  5. I want the big burgerrrr i mean BEEF burger..

  6. OMG~ hungry already!! Feels like going once laaaaa.... ><"

  7. the beef burger looks sooo tempting T____T

  8. The burger really looks very tempting (I love the extra mushroom) plus the desserts too! I havent go there after the gathering! Should go soon since the offer is going to end soon >.<

  9. Hey, nice 1.. I don't know pyramid have this nice food... Check it out later... Good sharing =D

  10. @June, sure thing! And Thanks alot!

    @Hilda, yah you should go real soon!

    @tekkaus, jfook, domokun, Kahmon, if you guys got time, spend some times in Pyramid Frames, you guys will witness the next promotion of Goliath Challenge, rumors say that is 4 times bigger!

    @T. Dead Cockroach: With Knife and Fork! =D

    @Crazy yah is kinda costy!

    @Henry: Got time go redeem again k?

  11. hmm,the price is kind of expensive,nway,they do look tempting :P

  12. lol! Om Nom Nom Nom, i have been there like 3 times already. But if you tell me when u going for the challenge, i might go there again to support u! Must I order food?


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