Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Designer is not Cheap!

WE! Designer is not CHEAP! You're just a STUPID that trying to be BRILLIANT!

To the person who posted the ads on the website.
"Wow you're such a joker to thinks that RM 5 can settle a flyer design! Bull Shit and I wonder, is designer is that cheap in your eye? I wonder why you like to waste your own precious time to do this kind of insult towards designer. Or? Are you trying to say that your flyer size is A5 size or smaller? It doesn't count the size, even if you ask your friend do a design of leaflet, at least a meal worth that RM 20 above or more, I had design a flyer which is cost more than RM100 and the person is my uncle!" You want Cheap Design right? Look at the link here!

By clicking the link I posted, you can see who is him and you can see his phone number on the image above.

I wont blog a thing about him because it's no need to promote his name or his side on my blog. What do you guys think? I believe I got 10mutual friend towards him when I view his Facebook Profile, and he's blogger and photographer too, and he call himself so called Engineer, what a disgrace. I got alot of Engineer friend is much more professional and much more mature in thinking also. That guys is not even using his ass to think and concern the Ads he posting. Remember look at the comment, is more then hundred comment right now!

Guys and Girls, please stop feeding this troll and it is waste your time to stalk him on his blog because he will say thank you for promoting his blog, that's it!

Well, He's just so need to research more with his brain, and no doubt he thinks designer is cheap! Don't work for him alright!

By Kian Fai


  1. Well....then can leave it? :p

  2. Wah, emo post bro.. XD lets chill together !

  3. No wonder I find the nick "icalvin" so familiar...


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