Monday, March 14, 2011

Datuk Lee Chong Wei made Malaysian Proud!

Just now was having tea session with other bloggers and watching the match of Badminton - All England 2011.
Finally our Datuk Lee Chong Wei had break the barrier and win through Male Single Badminton Final Match when he face Lin Dan, his strong enemy from land of China!

In the match, both of them did certain mistake, and in my opinion, I can't really see the spirit from Lin Dan himself and Chong Wei got the advantage and he got the right to win this game. At beginning of the match, Chong Wei himself act very stress and Lin Dan is very confident in this game until at the first match middle of the game, I can see that Chong Wei is getting better and better to fight victory for this game. Actually prediction of this game is 30/70, Chong Wei 30, Lin Dan 70. And actually Chong Wei had change the situation on the first match, so the prediction is 50/50 and most likely Chong Wei will win 2 set of this game and end this game! So my prediction was not a mistake and thank god most of the Malaysian can head to bed in early time to prepare for Monday Blue! Chong Wei himself is very careful in this game and at the same time  he did some mistake too! (This is just my opinion.)

Datuk Lee Chong Wei in All England 2011, Final Match.

Lin Dan in All England 2011, Final Match.

Victory for Datuk Lee Chong Wei! In All England Final!

Datuk Lee Chong Wei with the Fans from Malaysia and the Flag of Malaysia.

Last and not least, the hug and greet between the 2 strongest Match in this world for Badminton on year 2011.

Video of All England 2011 - Final Match and Last Point! At Datuk Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan. With only 2 set of game!

Yah no mistake! Is just 2 sets of  game! A fast 1 and the crowd in mamak stall is dam happy and every is cherish for the moment of Datuk Lee Chong Wei and everyone is proud of Datuk Lee Chong Wei too! Congratulation and I am afraid that our Malaysia Prime Minister clarify that no holiday on Monday, Haha! So everyone cheer more for Malaysia alright? ADIOS!

By Kian Fai


  1. Congrates to Lee Chong Wei. Woohoo! :D

  2. Grats to dato lee chong wei too! Really made Malaysia proud!

  3. Finally he breaks the chain of Lin Dan always winning over him head-to-head..woohoo... i want holidays =P

  4. CW finally pecah the losing tradition... he's surely #1 of the world... :)

  5. I heard he kissed Msia flag too awwww He will be Malaysia's hero as always! :D We are so proud of you, LCW!

  6. Gratz to LCW! XD
    but no holiday for us T-T

  7. gosh!!! I MISSED THAT LIVE GAME COS I WAS IN SINGAPORE AND THERE WAS NO ASTRO NOR MAMAK STALLS TO SHOW IT!!! I was so frustrated... but what to do.. i thought LCW would lost to LD too.. i was kind of shocked when i logged in to tournament software the next morning and saw that he won in 2 straight games!! gosh!!! now no more saying that LD is one class class level higher than LCW.. our Malaysia player has improved lots!
    I came back home last night and watched the youtube part by part.. hahaha...
    Then just a moment ago, I watched Astro 811 the repeat of the game! If i were to watch it live on Sunday, I think my heart would be beating like formula 1.. hahaha...


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