Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nom with Bloggers at FRAMES CAFE

This blogpost do contain food! (:

At First! I was like to show my gratitude and appreciation to all the bloggers and twitterer, thank you for giving me this opportunity to gather all the bloggers and tweet pal together and sharing this fun moment too! Basically we are the noisiest group in the Cafe and Thanks to Mark, I think he doesn't mind it at all and I wouldn't mind to dine it again. Thank you Henry Lee to giving me big support and encouragement and of course I didn't forgot about other tweet pals and bloggers also encourage me and give me confident to make this happen! Thank You Very Much!

So this is the group photo for all the bloggers and twitterer. Photographer is Magician aka Chris.

Photo with Snoopy Tang and my lovely old friend of mine Chia Yen.

Group photo with some bloggers and tweet pals.

The crowd! The amount of people from 28 person pop up to 32 person! LOL! The performance from Chris is very impressive too, alot of friends of mine is very exciting to watch his performance! And everyone was busy chatting to waiting for food, cam-whore with friends and take photo of FRAMES interior area and surrounding area.

Food from FRAMES Cafe, overall the food is alright and some food may taste too salty. FRAMES Cafe management have already give us some clarification and those people had attend this food gathering can go and dine 1 more time at this FRAMES Cafe. FRAMES management is dam steady and I still love you FRAMES! :)

Wanted to make reservation for big party?
Can Dial: 03-5631 9989
And can visit the Website: FRAMES

By Kian Fai

Photo Credit: Cayenne LimHilda Milda, TikkossHenry Lee, Xing90Carmen WongHenry TanJun Fook, and Jayren!


  1. Should organize more nom nom gathering! :D

  2. the best part must be the crowd! =D

  3. Woot! :) Love gatherings like this. XD

  4. oh! i wanna go there too! hehe saw lots nice foods there. :D

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  5. I think is is more about the gathering rather the food right? It is all about gathering and connect with the other bloggers. :)

  6. Then again...judging from your photos, the photos must have tasted good too right? :D

  7. @allison :) jangan jeles, wait until you 100% free will treat you nice nice meal k?

    @domokun lol . . . . I try k?

    @tekkaus base on photo the food is nice and in reality is nice too, but that day we got the food downgrade slightly, if you read my blogpost in detail, we get invited 1 more time for dine in free ;)

    @isaac, carol, hilda & qiwen, thank for the comment!

  8. Wahhh kian fai tai kor hor! ;)
    Liking the new clean layout!


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