Thursday, March 31, 2011

HOP (2011)

Thanks to NuffnangMY again, Thank You very Much!
Hello all, this post for this movie is called HOP, is about easter bunny and first human easter bunny. You guys know what is the meaning of HOP right? Is Bunny Hop Yo! Ok this is just a movie alright? You can't mix it in real life anyways, if you do like to meet a talking easter bunny, pray hard then! By watching this movie, maybe you guys will know how to celebrate and why easter day and easter bunny? Ok silly me, you should check Google search or Wikipedia for more information about Easter, because I don't really celebrate easter!

Trailer of HOP (2011), remember to watch this! So you may think that this movie is fun or not.

James Marsden as Fred O'Hare, well I don't know what comes in his mind with some crazy idea.

Kaley Cuoco as Sam O'Hare, Fred Sister, is kind of funny when she hold up the easter bunny.

Russell Brand, voice for E.B. Funny Easter Bunny which is very talented in Playing Drums.

Carlos, voice for Hank Azaria and E.B.'s Dad, voice for Hugh Laurie, Carlos which is very evil-bevil minded, E.B.'s Dad who is wanted his son become his successor.

Phil and Carlos, both of them are voice for Hank Azaria too, very hard and difficult because both of these chicky have very different voice. Phil is a very funny chicky and like to listen to music and drum beat too.

Not to forget this groups, claim themselves as Easter Bunny Pink Beret. Is something like a special force in Easter Island.

Rating: 7/10
Overall this movie is kind of cute, children would like to watch this movie because of cute also because every children in this world they love cute chubby bunny alright? And this movie does teach some moral story too, appreciate Easter Day and appreciate the relationship with family too.

Group photo of us before entering into the cinema, thanks to Tony photo and I think most of you guys can recognize who are they too. Have fun to watching this movie! I want more Candy~ And drink more water~ Happy Easter Day! Don't get April-fooled!

By Kian Fai

Monday, March 28, 2011

Food Foundry

Hi all! Ok this is the post about a place that serve nice Mille Crepe in Petaling Jaya area. Before we eat the Crepe, we went to Taman Sea and eat our dinner, which is nearby famous Ah Wa Hokkien Mee.

Food Foundry, the signage itself is very unique. Next time I shall try the Nasi Lemak and Spaghetti over here, because some of my friend say the food in Food Foundry worth to try! So we only have some dessert in Food Foundry since we had our dinner, only Mille Crepe in the house on our table!

Vanilla Mille Crepe - RM 9.00

Chocolate Mille Crepe - RM 9.00

Strawberry Mille Crepe - RM 9.00

Mango Mille Crepe - RM 10.00

Overall the dessert of Mille Crepe is nice and satisfaction, I love the special taste and I believe there is not much people know about it, I use to live in Subang Jaya and working in Klang, so what I know is Bah Kut Tah and so on, hope this post is also useful for everyone who is staying in Klang Valley alright!

Food Foundry
BG-8, Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13,
46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E., Malaysia.
Contact: +603-7955 3885  Business Hour: 11.30am - 10.00pm

The lovely Isaac and Janice.

Carmen and Elwyn, haha Elwyn always like to pose something weird!

Jayren and Me, Thanks for coming. LOL

Thank you Isaac, Janice, Shiok Leng, Tony, Jayren, Carmen and Elwyn to joining this event I created! And I hope you guys have a great time too! For others, there will have something up real soon!

By Kian Fai

Saturday, March 26, 2011


At the picture above, I start to fall in love with this photo! Because from 3rd of April until 26th of April, every Thursday and Sunday will have this campaign is about who can finish this whole big sets of "Goliath Challenge" in 30minute, the fastest dominator of this campaign will win RM 500 cash prizes! For More info can visit FRAMES Cafe Facebook or read at the photo above!

Well, Hi all again! I would like to update something really good and it is about FRAMES Cafe alright? Ya like again . . . Previously my update is about FRAMES Cafe Concept and FRAMES Cafe Blogger Gathering, now I would like to post about FRAMES Cafe with food!

As you guys know that my previous dinning experience isn't going well in FRAMES Cafe and the management from FRAMES would like to invite us again to dine in 1 more time. But that time I didn't really bring my sis newly bought camera, so this time I had dine in again in FRAMES Cafe with RM 50 discount voucher! If you guys miss previous Hahah Deal, you guys can enjoy their new offer that promoting on Hahah Deal website alright?

By this time we do manage took some clear photo! (Not from my phone) Photo below is me with my younger sister! (Camera Owner) And the other photo is my younger brother! Food Introduction will start right below now!

Watermelon Lychee - RM 8.90

Iced Lemon Tea - RM 7.90

Hot Honey Lemon - RM 5.90, I prefer to take the cup~ Nothing special inside anyways.

Spicy Seafood Carbonara - RM 19.90, one of the FRAMES recommended Spaghetti and this is very nice and hot!

Marinara - RM 19.90, mixed seafood with tomato sauce, not bad at all.

Beef Burger with additional mushroom - RM 25.80, one of the signature burger in FRAMES Cafe, why? Look at the image below!

Beef Burger! Juicy indeed with additional mushroom! One of the must try Burger in FRAMES Cafe! And I only manage to finish off this burger with knife and fork.

Classic Tiramisu - RM 13.90, not bad but it is too small not enough for monster like us!

Chocolate Brownies - RM 12.90, so me and my brother decide to other this! Vanilla ice cream on top and very hot brownies at the bottom! The taste is dam nice because hot and cold at the same time! Remember to drink more water after having this Brownies!

Have you tempted by me? LOL if you and your family or your darling is hungry while shopping at Sunway Pyramid, why don't you drop by here? Coffee is one of the signature too in FRAMES Cafe!
Wanted to make reservation for big party?
Can Dial: 03-5631 9989
And can visit the Website: FRAMES

By Kian Fai

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Designer is not Cheap!

WE! Designer is not CHEAP! You're just a STUPID that trying to be BRILLIANT!

To the person who posted the ads on the website.
"Wow you're such a joker to thinks that RM 5 can settle a flyer design! Bull Shit and I wonder, is designer is that cheap in your eye? I wonder why you like to waste your own precious time to do this kind of insult towards designer. Or? Are you trying to say that your flyer size is A5 size or smaller? It doesn't count the size, even if you ask your friend do a design of leaflet, at least a meal worth that RM 20 above or more, I had design a flyer which is cost more than RM100 and the person is my uncle!" You want Cheap Design right? Look at the link here!

By clicking the link I posted, you can see who is him and you can see his phone number on the image above.

I wont blog a thing about him because it's no need to promote his name or his side on my blog. What do you guys think? I believe I got 10mutual friend towards him when I view his Facebook Profile, and he's blogger and photographer too, and he call himself so called Engineer, what a disgrace. I got alot of Engineer friend is much more professional and much more mature in thinking also. That guys is not even using his ass to think and concern the Ads he posting. Remember look at the comment, is more then hundred comment right now!

Guys and Girls, please stop feeding this troll and it is waste your time to stalk him on his blog because he will say thank you for promoting his blog, that's it!

Well, He's just so need to research more with his brain, and no doubt he thinks designer is cheap! Don't work for him alright!

By Kian Fai

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sucker Punch (2011)

 Thanks to NuffnangMY and Thanks to myself that I got this movie ticket with my "creative" comment. Well anyways this movie is about a young girl is institutionalized by her very bad stepfather. Baby Doll need to escape from this "prison" by using her powerful imagination to flee! So my date for this movie is Green Tea Movie, ya I dam excited about this movie for long time ago and it's finally it's a showdown on Tuesday night! Yay!

In this movie, she need to find 5 items such as Map, Fire, Sword, Key and 1 more item is Mystery! So you guys know what she need to look for? Yet this answer need to find out by you guys! No worries ok, just go and watch with your friends and talk about this movie and you will see what happen!

Sucker Punch (2011) Movie Trailer, watch it before you go into cinema.

One of the scene in Sucker Punch, prepare to load up and rock and roll! You can see the environmental is like disaster, and some soldier is there too! World War 1 or World War 2 huh?

Baby Doll, Blondie, Sweat Pea, Amber, and Rocket (Left to Right)

Emily Browning as Baby Doll. I believe that the way she act is very cute in this movie, and powerful indeed.

Vanessa Hudgens as Blondie, she act in High School Musical, and it's surprise to saw her in this movie. (Need more research)

Abbie Cornish as Sweet Pea, Jamie Chung as Amber, Jena Malone as Rocket. Cant write more description about them, you guys can go ahead and google search who are they, they are so cool!

And what Amber do in this movie was like, she is a master of vehicle! Stay Tune!

Dragon! Who say only in Harry Potter movie only can saw Dragon? In Sucker Punch too!

Explosive and fire scene is everywhere in this movie, and I feel kinda excited about this movie because pretty girl combo with wars, samurai and more!

Overall rating movie is: 7/10
Unexpected Storyline for this 1, the progression of Baby Doll and the others seek for freedom, Reason of Rating? Ok, the action in this movie was "Marvelous", the Imagination of Baby Doll was very creative, alot of fight in this movie, even the voice and sound system was slightly too over. Remember when you watch this movie, listen to some character words, it guide you into this movie and what is all about, example: "great sacrifice needed when you seeking for true freedom!" And this movie may guide you into some "Fantasy" too, if you are slightly careless, you may become one of them because not everything was normal! So what I would like to suggest you guys is, Enjoy this Movie and accompany Baby Doll and the others seek for Freedom!


By Kian Fai

P.S.: What is the best part of this movie? You can never see how Baby Doll dance . . .

Friday, March 18, 2011

Rango (2011)

What-sup? Well I had watch this movie with my friends last night, very nice and entertaining movie. Thanks to Carmen, so that I have this chance to watch this movie. And I seriously gonna eat Nando's again because it was not filling on that night! :(

So this film is about a random nameless Charmeleon was wandering in the desert, he bump into a lizard called Beans and tag him along into this town called Dirt, here's the journey begin.

Rango Movie Trailer, feel free to watch it in HD.

Not to forget to mention about the voice actor, Johnny Depp as Rango.

Character in Rango, you guys must watch this Movie, each of them represent different characteristic too.

The 4 Owls in Rango was my all time favorite! The Owl who blow the trumpet reminds me of my memory while I'm in the marching band. Those Owls dam smart alright, the appear everywhere while in the movie, hahah what to do? Cartoon 2D what?

Sheriff Rango was leading a group of the people from Dirt.

The Eagle and Rango, face down at the Dirt Town, must watch how Rango success slain this Eagle!

Bill Nighy as Rattlesnake Jake. A scary snake in this movie, have a machine gun at his tail! Rango vs Jake, who will win?

So I would rate this movie 6/10, it is nice to watch with parents and some other people too! Laugh and joy with this movie, blend in with it. Cheers!

By Kian Fai

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Great Deal on McDonald's Breakfast!

Only in Malaysia and last until this month only! (March 2011)
Click this image to view it in large version, right click and save it into your computer! Print it out in Black and White will do! Here is the image link.

Yah! This is the deal guys and girls! No mistake that this voucher is only for MCD Breakfast! And I think it is for dine in only. Thanks to shiiteck for sharing his blogpost with us! You guys can visit his blogpost for more references too! Actually what he did is buying 2 cup of coffee in Mc Donald's and show this voucher to them and get this offer. Valid until 31st of March, 2011! Please note that!

By Kian Fai.

P.S.: Remember to like the Facebook Page too!
(Link may expire anytime)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Battle: Los Angeles (2011)

I am afraid that no spoiler discussion this round. Because you guys might not want to go watch anymore if I type too much over here.
Battle: Los Angeles (2011), thanks to Green Tea Movie for tagging me along for this movie. Everything I type below is my very own opinion and I do think this movie is very cool! I cant believe that IMDb have very short description for this movie and the rate is like 6.8 out of 10 (on their website).

Battle: Los Angeles (2011) Movie Trailer

Aaron Eckhart as SSgt. Michael Nantz

Too much shaking in this movie, very headache after 1 hour of the screening, you got no idea how strong you need to be. Moral of this story, never abandon your teammate behind the route and continue fight for victory! Well there is a small team force and face off the alien invasion, this is the description from IMDb. Character in this movie is dam messy, basically you cant remember the person name and there is always group of them talking to each other and commanding each other.

Cory Hardrict as Cpl. Jason Lockett, having some conflict issue with SSgt. Michael Nantz about his brother death. (Ignore the link in the picture, if you wanna go ahead and visit, go ahead.)

Michelle Rodriguez as TSgt. Elena Santos, one of the skilled Marine and she carry some mission also. Please take note in this movie too, she got a strong role to play with.

I would add a rate, 6/10 for me, personally like the action scene and the movie director wanna make it almost looks like real, 80 percent of the movie is shaking, so I strongly advice those who wanted to watch this movie, have a strong head alright? If the movie is not shaky at all, the rating could be higher! Somehow I think this movie is awesome with poster design, so I would like to paste 2nd poster over here to end my post.

Thank You for Reading. By Kian Fai.