Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love Letter to myself and my Ah Mah

Practically I didn't really update about CNY, because I didn't really celebrate it except dining with my parent or so . . .

On CNY, road in Selangor / Kuala Lumpur clear as usual, you can even lie down on the road and sleep on it for few minutes. (If You Dare)

Day1, at One Utama, plenty of people buying ticket at GSC Cinema, end up didn't watch movie. Having bad dinning experience at Tony Roma's located at Cine-leisure Complex aka e@curve.

Day2, At my house, I'm Glad that some of my friends drop by at my house and visit, Thank You Kyrilsoulx. After that I went for PC Games.

Day3 and Day4, PC Games. End of Story. And at my house next few doors got people pass away, end up the whole neighborhood atmosphere very weird.

Start my actual work on Tuesday, but Tuesday got less Client. Luckily we start on Monday, to test run the business (Half day) and it's better than Tuesday.

No Photo on this post, I'm sorry about it.

Actually I would like to post something emotional about my thought, my grandma is still alive with Alzheimer. I'm so sorry about her. (this is happen around 2 years +)

I remember my past,

When I was Primary School Kid, I tell "Ah Mah, I got no money" She will put RM 5 into my wallet while I sleeping.

When I was Secondary School Kid, I tell "Ah Mah, I got no money" She will give me RM 10 with her smiling face.

When I was 19years old+, I tell "Ah Mah, I got no money" She will give me RM 50 and say "Boy, Ah Mah didn't really use the money, you can have it".

Now I think back my grandma current situation, all I can do is stay strong and try to earn as much as I can by myself. So this is to reminds me that I need to be more educate my own discipline and self control. I love you Ah Mah =)

Appreciate your Elderly, Parent and Relative. Give them a big hug if you saw them, no harm.

Happy Chinese New Year, and Have a blessed Rabbit Year.

By Kian Fai.


  1. I lost my Ah Mah when I was 5? So I don't really get to know her and love her sighhh

  2. @hilda: hmmm well no worries, you still have your lovely parent and Megan =X

  3. Great Ah Mah you have! Now is the time to visits here, talk to her, let her see you more.

  4. Lie down on KL roads and sleep on it for a few minutes? Sure die one cos some drivers drive faster cos not many cars around Haha!

  5. Wah!! PC Games on Day 2, 3, and 4? LOL!!

  6. Never ever watch movies in cinemas during CNY. It will surely be packed!

    Huh? A funeral near your house during CNY? So you can hear people play firecrackers and at the same time funeral music mix together? Weird indeed!

  7. Oh, sorry to hear about your grandma, yeah must appreciate her more.

    Happy Chinese New Year to you! : )

  8. @Landy I wish ;) Maybe weekends will go and visit.

    @Foong Yah my CNY is screwed! So Screwed! No worries! I will appreciate . . .

  9. wah...ur story really reminds me of my own grandparents..and i am not a good grandson to them to learn to appreciate them more..

    haha my CNY also practically staying at home doing nothing and gamble a little..LOL

  10. give a big hug to everyone around u right now.. they deserve it..

    thank goodness i'm not next to u though :P haha..


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