Friday, February 11, 2011

I am Newt! But I am not New!

Warning? This post may contain some sick crap and wordings and you might fell asleep! Of course will add on some photo too! It makes related into this topic! (I got cough 1 or 2 person didn't really read my post and comment it, SHAME ON YOU!) LOL =D

Why "I am Newt! But I am not New!", It's officially Year 2011 in Chinese calendar, so I think that I am no more "Newbie" tag in my tag line already. But of course I will improve my grammar mistake (like hell I will do it) hah nawh each words I type out is among from my heart yo! The way I talk! You guys will realize my real life person, the way I talk is very less, because million words has kept into my heart, I hardly bring it out and I would try to smile towards you if I couldn't answer your question in short time.

Remember my very very first post? NAWH! I bet you all didn't check what is my First post of my very own blog! =D

Ok Here is the
Link, I basically Post Everything! But Majority Movie, Little Travel and Some Craps! Foodie as well yo!

I really seldom update my blog anyways, because I'm boring? And I am busy in work actually, nothing big about it. And I don't know what I should post, I don't really like to compete anything in blog-sphere and I can feel the stress right now too! Hah! And somehow I realize something really "compete", even though I had followed some of you guys tweet, you guys definitely tweet out very emotional tweet, tweet that easy offend on other people too. I had been follow some people which is those people didn't follow me back, and the tweet they had tweeted is kinda offensive too.

I am posting Crap right now! I am so not into games for this week, because I am sick yo. Cough, Sore Throat, and Headache, and last night my ear is very pain, I try to take a 10minute walk, it's getting better and I am glad that I can make it to Karaoke Session. Because of the Karaoke Session I fell in love in few song, one of the main song is
Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are.

Because of this song, it really bring my mood up and I can see the bright lights LOL!
If some of you haven't listen to Bruno Mars, can try to listen to the song, it's very famous in America.

I had sing one of my most infamous song. Call "
The Darkness - I believe the thing call love", NOW I CAN REALLY SING THIS SONG YOH!! I am not gay but I really sing this song HARD! And I need to practice more to sing it in perfect way!

Ok this morning I practically lost my voice on 4am, leaving from 1 Utama Neway and fetch
Tikkoss back to his house. Tell you guys, never use NKVE from Mont Kiara if you plan to use this road back to Subang Jaya on 4am to 5am+ Yesterday I saw 5 to 6 truck on the left lane and it give me a goosebumps that I think got accident in few kilometers in front! I lost my voice and Cough is gaining conscious in my throat! I need more Rest for this few days!

But please, if some of you guys having fun, remember to tell me yo, I prefer nearby in Selangor Area. Hahaha!!

I AM NEWT! BUT I AM NOT NEW! Have a nice weekend guys! Enjoy!

Yours Truly, Kian Fai.

P.S. Should I continue Every Morning Watch Movie on Sunday at Sunway Pyramid?? If you guys interested can tweet me!


  1. You never come to Serdang and find me lehhh hahahaha. =P lets have fun too =P

    Btw I'm new too =P

  2. Wordy post but not reali crap. Heartfelt words? Haha

  3. lol! actually no need bother bout those stupid offensive tweets from those fella, u can just unfollow them! LOL

  4. and hello Kian Fai! since when u talk to me with the word "YO!" huh?! so means not in real life oso la! :p

  5. Just The Way You Are always be almost everyone's fav song! :p

  6. haha the darkness mv is really funny lol

  7. I love the two song but I ain't gay as well...LOL

  8. wah..sing until lost voice? pack some honey for the next session only...LOL

  9. accidents on highways? wait till u hear bout ghost stories...LOL

  10. Note to self: Read thorougly Kian Fai's blog before commenting.. :P

    Yo! Your real self? I have yet to hear you speak! :D


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