Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Coffee Chemistry Cafe with Bloggers

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Coffee Chemistry Cafe which is located at Sunway Giza, walk toward to MOVIDA, you're facing MOVIDA right? Take the left side staircase of MOVIDA. MOVIDA is located at beside FULLHOUSE. Coffee Chemistry Cafe, first in Malaysia serving The World's Finest Coffee. A total new coffee experience with very affordable price. Definitely True I tell you!

So I decided to attend this event on last Sunday (30th January, 2011) was plan to meet up with Erika Toh although she is late, LOL.

Environment of CCC: Colorful Wallpaper! With all of our favorite social network icons!

Environment of CCC: Simple Table and Chair (spoiler: they might have renovate some part of the cafe so it will looks more presentable *exciting*)

Environment of CCC: At this moment we will see alot of products from HTC, Apple, and some ear phones too, is one of the concept and you can ask assistant from the person in charge over there too!

Environment of CCC: Big screen that displaying some HTC phones and products.

Environment of CCC: Table that Showing the HTC phones! Angry Birds ON!

Environment of CCC: Banner Advertisement for HTC, and iPad Casing if I not mistaken! LOL!

Environment of CCC: HTC Authorised Training Centre.

Environment of CCC: View from Outside of Training Centre. No people because it's on Sunday.

Environment of CCC: Cafe Counter with TV, Barista is Busy with works / drinks.

Environment of CCC: Smoking area of CCC, which can see the view from inside to outside.

CleverMunkey is gonna drink his mocha and wait! Snap photo 1st.

Variety of Mocha, same taste and different Decoration! This 1 is CleverMunkey Mocha.
Frankly speaking here, I don't really like to drink Coffee or Mocha, but the Mocha over here really grab my tongue!

This 1 is My Mocha.

This 1 is Tony Teh Mocha. Wow I think this 1 is abit sweet here, so creative topping. Haha!

CleverMunkey with his Camera.

Chicken & Mushroom Pie!

Chicken & Mushroom Pie Again! Every1 loves Chicken & Mushroom Pie, recommend by the boss and it's very tasty, fresh, unable to use more word to describe it as long as it's very very tasty!

Seafood Pasta - Carbonara or Spicy Carbonara. Among other of dishes, 2 of us other the same pasta! LOL

Chicken Marinated with Herbs.

Bacon & Onion Fritatta, this 1 is very filling! Nice combo between the sauce and the bacon + omelette.


Carrot & Potato Soup, serve with toast! Very well served soup, I personally like the taste too!

The Ladies! Stand from left to right: Melissa, Jane, Hui Fang, Sim Yee (Xing90)
Sit from left to right : Jia Yeen and Yuh Jiun.

And the Gentlemen! CleverMunkey (Stand Behind), Me and Tony.

Last and not least! Yuuuuum Seng with the well served soup!

Group Photo with the whole group which is include Erika and Jayren (Right side of the photo). I hope to have more time with you Erika, LOL!

2nd Round of CCC with another groups of Blogger:

Ok So I decided to went back to CCC on yesterday night Monday (31st January 2011). I only suppose to meet only Eric Lee and Caroline Ng, it's a surprise that I meet iamthewitch, Rebbecca Saw, Grey Ang, Kelvin Tan, and Saucer if no mistaken! This is show how much that I like on CCC. And I order Mocha again LOL!

Foods Served by CCC overall is tasty and the coffee taste and smell real goods too! Person in charge is very friendly and willing to receive the feedback of the foods too.

Happy Chinese New Year to you guys too!

Coffee Chemistry Cafe Fan-page on Facebook, like it!

By Kian Fai

- Photo Belongs to some certain blogger and CCC -


  1. wahhh i love the coffee, the deco so pretty~~ so this is CCC ya?

  2. wahseh..u all blogger gathering sooooo nice.......=X envy envy...btw, this CCC is so cool ! technology cafe...heh....

  3. @Jayren I will re-edit the post again! sorry I forgot to attach you and Erika Photo!

  4. n we got SPECIALLY MADE Green Pesto at that night too right! so tak rugi right u come join us?? :p

  5. haha LOL ya Green Pesto with Enhance Version! U and MeiYee went down buy BR! XD

  6. Wooo Kian Fai ~ I saw myself in your blog post... =P

    Anyway nice to meet you all, Hehe.. =)

  7. nice meeting u...no time comment at other posts...LOL

    yeap...CCC is definitely one of the best cafe around..

    hapy chinese new yar to u n ur family

  8. a bit sad to miss out on this event. next time mebbe...


  9. I shall go and try it one day! :D So nice that you get to attend so many bloggers gatherings :p

  10. Haha!
    It ws nice that you came to join us!

  11. OOhh look at the last picture, Mr Cool sitting next to me! :P Nice to meet you that night! Hope to see you more in future events ya!! And how come you never saved us some of the Enhanced Pesto pasta when we were downstairs?! :(

  12. Ha ha I agree, everyone loves chic mushroom pie especially if the pastry is yum! Pastry oso important not just the filling yes? Feel like having coffee now after seeing all da cups here! :D:D

  13. @Rebecca Nice to meet you too! =P

    @Maurica Well if you free you can drop by Sunway Giza! You know the direction! I had pointed it out! You might saw me too XD

    @iamthewitch Nice to meet You too! LOL the Enhanced Pesto Pasta had finished and we don't want to leave it cold! Hot Food is Fresh Healthy and Good! If wanna try we can drop by there 1 more time! Fanpage of CCC had updated with New Menu Real Soon! Can ask Mr. Johnson too XD

    @Hilda & @tehtarik got time can go lepak there also! Call me or DM me on twitter XD

    @Eric Thanks for you wishes! Happy Belated CNY to you!! =P

    @Hui Fang Thank for your comment! Hope we can have more time together in the future!


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