Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chinese New Year Dinning with Bloggers from Innit

Spend my Friday night (28th January, 2011) Dinning with Bloggers, "Lou Sang" is one of the prosperous tradition that we must do, even thou is once a year. First of all, I would like to show my gratitude and appreciation to all the bloggers who had attend this event. Last and not least, Thank You Sim Yee aka Xing90 who's organize this event on Facebook/Twitter/Innit too! So the post will begin with photo telling story session. A short update will do!

Have a group photo once after we finish our dinner. A huge 1! More than 30 people attand this! Thank you! You guys are great on that night!

Our table is so energetic with camera!

Before the storm begin! Wow that was neat!

OK this is from other table! This is what happen when the storm finish!

Bernard dam stylo!

Li Chuen, Teh-Tarik, Me and Henry Tan!

Me and Melissa!

Me and Stephanie! =D

Master of Photobomb! LOL Mr. TehTarik!

Most of the photo taken by those blogger I mention below, Thank You for the photo and thanks for tagging me along too! =D
And I am so sorry that I didn't really greet some people in proper way, I do hope we catchup more in the future! Have a nice blessed everyday! 

Happy Chinese New Year Guys!! 

By Kian Fai 

Next coming up post it should be great 1! Stay Tune! Spoiler is at my FB Profile Page!


  1. nais i haven lou sang yet = (

  2. Thanks for the comment and Caroline! Once you free remember send me ur photo XD

  3. Why jiayeen looks so weird in the photo lol

  4. @jfook the photographer snap too fast all lost focus!

    @yeeingng hahah same same!!

  5. Aha~ great post!! Weee!!! =D



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