Monday, February 21, 2011

[Cheat - Lies - Corruption] (1)

Just a short update, which is need to mention about it. So I think I got cheated Five Ringgit Malaysia.

Story: Before Chinese New Year, near 10pm. I went to ss2, Petaling Jaya to have a tea chat with my friend, while I was walking to the location, there is a man, his cloths is dirty and wear a short pants. I walk pass him, suddenly he talk to me.

Man: "Are you Chinese? Can you help me?"

Me: "Ya What Happen?"

Man: " I just release from lokap" (Pointing towards ss2 Police Station) "And I don't have single cent with me, can you please fetch me back to Cheras?"

Me: (Looking at the ss2 Police Station, and look at him) "Sorry I'm afraid that I can't help you."

Man: "But at least you can give me 10 Ringgit? So I can take a bus to go home as soon as possible?"

Me: "Well why don't I give you 5 Ringgit and please leave here as soon as possible?"

Man: "Alright"

So I thought I helped out this gentlemen, but I'm afraid that he's a liar. Why? I saw him at ss15 Subang Jaya, using the same way to cheat people money, around 12am, location wise near ss15 Police Station, which is look alike with ss2 Petaling Jaya Police Station.

Do Not Send him "Home", he might become pirate and thief all your stuff away! Becareful!

So I suspect that he's one of the person who cheat or beg money then pass to 1 of the person in charge or he cheat the money for own survive will.

Please Do Not Give a Single Cent to this person alright? And I hope you guys can spread this blogpost to remind people that do not pay a single cent to this person, you might waste your money to this person too.

By Kian Fai


  1. :O yes. must be always be careful! a little life time experience huh?

  2. sigh.. see this is what will happen around us. :/ my place here oso got. sien one.

  3. haiya...all this confirm are conman only..i wun give him a single cent if i'm you..reason is

    1. the police can offer him a ride home

    2. if no money to make call to frens n family, police station always can borrow to him especially if he's in the lokap the whole night..if not...police also wun so easy go release him without proper release procedure

    3. if he got no frens to help did he end up in ss2 from cheras?

    there are more conmen out there than we about what i seen last time here


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