Saturday, February 26, 2011

About Me Using Twitter and Whale

Ok picture above looks like I am selling some MLM stuff and so on, well . . . I am not selling MLM things ok?

Wording below is type through from my mind, I cant really control the grammar error, please forgive me ok?

This whale had been showed up on twitter since half and hour ago until now, it shows that why I am so addict into twitter, keep on pressing F5 keyboard button and giving a dam big hope, and it is part of the blog traffic is from twitter too.

Why I so addict into twitter? Yep Twitter is one of the tool for me to communicate with my friends and most of the time I will help others blogger to retweet the tweet. Most of the retweeted tweet is blog url. And we're like helping each other to build more traffic for their blog and for my own blog too!

To Whale from Twitter, please . . . while you jump up, remember to go back down in to the sea alright, my eye starting itching while I saw your picture stuck on my screen! Please Jump to the other way! Whale Stories . . .

If you read Twitter History and the creation of Twitter, you will found something useful too!
I am more to promoting myself and my own blog and conversational user of twitter.

Can you stand like . . . there is alot of random follower which is alot of same specific description! Well your Bot Setting is dam fail alright? 4 of them Name also VERY FAIL!

Whenever I saw some spam or useless promote I will block straight away and fucking ignore it because it is so dam annoying! Example: "Dennis Look at this (link) tag along with other twitter user" I will reply "Your Mother is Dennis" and too bad it cant reply me because majority of them got Zero Followers and Zero Following with 300+ Tweets mostly babbling "Dennis" or "Mary". LOL that was awful! Please Do not click those link or else your computer have bigger chances to infect virus or trojan.

Most of the people like pointless babble on twitter and fill up the user mood and entertain themselves. However I don't really follow them because I am more to conversational user.

Remember, use Twitter wisely and feel free to retweet some of the interesting bloglink and meet more new friend alright? ADIOS!

By Kian Fai


  1. LOL thats why im using tweetdeck lol

  2. Twitter equals to my life, can't live a day w/o it LOL the first tab I open everytime I go online :D I was having the same prob too just now and it made me moody right away, the power of twitter is crazy! :P

  3. try to chat with me thru twitter lar..

  4. Ooo, new to twitter, and i'm already loving it. Nice post! :)

  5. Yeah rite!!!!!! konon use Twitter wisely.. Twitting that u cleaned ur tahi telinga is very wise izit? LMAO! n hugging another dude on Twitter lagi!! ^_^ lol...

  6. Hahaha :D Aiyoh just tweet and write whatever you want lar. Why bother? :p

  7. I am addicted to Twitter! Anyone can recommend me Tweeple Anonymous something along the lines of Alchoholic Anonymous? LOL!

  8. LOL! that diagram dun look like MLM lah cos only got one level. More like direct selling only - directly selling to customers and no need to sponsor others into the business. Haha!!

  9. Oh yeah I have lots of unknown spammers spamming my Twitter asking me to check out their video, products, body, games, etc...etc...I'm fed up!! All of them have 0 followers and 0 following. Grrr!!!

  10. Eh, your blog tak ada retweet button ah? How to RT? I not as hardworking as Caroline OK, pls install the RT button pls, thank you! This post is worth retweeting! : )

  11. argh. at least i'm not a heavy twitterer.


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