Monday, January 10, 2011

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm - 10-Day Trial Edition

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Ok My friend did success persuade me to log on and click on Cataclysm 10days Trial. No Harm to click on it and it did success to let me play 10days trial.

My Goblin lvl 10+, Sprill @ Nagrand

10days Trial let you play 2 new races, which is Goblin (Horde) and Worgen (Alliance). I kinda dislike Worgen because at the end it need to stay in Night Elf Town, which is making me dizzy! Not like Goblin, although the Story line it is dam long, seriously dam long if you're newbie you will lost! Worgen Story Quest is kinda easy-peasy and all you need to do is stare at the mini map!

Surprisingly that Warchief Chamber is at the front part of the Orgrimmar City. And I was spinning in the whole city looking for Warchief . . . . Should have google up before searching it. Most of the gaming tips of World of Warcraft can be search online, I went WoWHead the most to refer the item and gems.

Shaman Tips, if you guys want to refer Shaman Armory, you can refer from this Character named Lokiy, it is not the BEST referral but it is 1 of the best to refer. LOL!

10days Trial! No Harm to Try it!
Please Note that 10days Trial doesn't let you lvl up from lvl 80 to lvl 81. Sad News right?
While I cant lvl up in this trial time, I will do some new profession called Archaeology.

How to Archaeology? It really teach me alot!

My Armory: Tamimi @ Nagrand
I think I shall Focus on pumping up my Shaman, in the future, I might step back into the Portal.
Well . . . . of course I still blogging. Have Fun if you trying it.

By Kian Fai

P.S.: Before you trying this, please read the terms and condition. Have Fun!

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  1. Omg my boyfriend play this ALOT. -.- OMG 10 days trial somemore. Hahaha!! (Y)


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