Thursday, January 6, 2011

Season of the Witch (2011)

Season of the witch

- Nicolas Cage as Behmen (Knight) -
- Ron Perlman as Felson (Knight) -
- Claire Foy as Anna (the witch) -
- Stephen Campbell Moore as Debelzaq (Priest) -
- Robert Sheehan as Kay (Knight) -
- Ulrich Thomsen as Eckhardt (Knight)-
- Stephen Graham as Hagamar (Guide or Merchant) -
- Christopher Lee as Cardinal D'Ambroise (Infected High Priest) -

- Scene (You can google it too) -

Basically in This Movie, you can see the story background which is happen at 1330++
- Mindless Zombie -
- Witch -
- Women -
- Gargoyle -
- Knight or Crusader -

This Movie Rating for me is 2.8 out of 5.

I like to story, that's why I added 0.8 over there. Need more scene to bring this movie up, and Basically it's not only one witch in this movie right? And the main big bad person it only appear for few minutes only, it need to sacrifice more than 3-5 person to kill that bad guy. If the story got more witch, which means it need to sacrifice more Knights and Priests LOL!

This screening is from Nuffnang Contest, if you guys wanna know more about it, can check my previous blogpost too! Saw many people just now.
Who I saw Just Now? LOL I saw Nikel Khor, Carmen Wong, Qi Wen, and I bring Connie Melody with me. Hahah was awkward because she is abit messed. Should wait for her and dine together!

Watch this by yourself. Hope you all like my post.
By Kian Fai


  1. ok.. this time u see me... next time come say hi and shock me.. wakaka..seriously i cannot recognize u..


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