Friday, January 7, 2011

My Random Thought of First Week 2011

My Random Thought

Somehow I am slightly addicted in Ninja Joe Pork Burger, but I always take away only. Didn't really sit inside the Burger shop and eat it in proper-way. (Slowly) How come I can have Ninja Joe? Because Ninja Joe have new outlet at Sunway Pyramid near Asia Avenue, Beside T-Bowl Restaurant.

I prefer Sweet & Sour and Oriental Flavor. And I wanted to try "The Big Boss" too! Teriyaki Flavor taste kinda weird. And it's my second time in this outlet when I was paying my Digi Telco. Bill.

Don't Be Surprise that I read Mandarin Novels, because I was educated under Chinese School since primary standard and I study Private School at Sri Kuala Lumpur, and of course I will not forget how to speak Mandarin and Cantonese. This Book is kinda Romantic and 18SX, in my opinion this book will spoil girls mind and teaching girl how to step in multiple boats in same times. It do teach Male Weakness too. If you wanted to read this book you can search in some bookstore or online. Note: I finish read this book in 3 hours time. Haha.

By Kian Fai


  1. The girl on the bread tree? :P Damn funneh if translate to english! Ninja Joe, shall try it one day if I happen to be around Sunway!

  2. @Nikel I was at Sunway Pyramid Digi Center!! To Pay my Telco Bill =P

    @Hilda better not read it, spoils mind. =)

  3. ehhh my fren aso say ninja joe not bad..wanaa try ady LOL wa..i like zhang xiao xian also^^

  4. Quite surprise that u read Chinese novel because nowadays not many people like to read. Btw I love to read lol :)


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