Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Movie that I like in year 2000+ till now

Actually wanted to ask something about this, but overall in this whole year of 2000 to 2010. I really enjoyed this few movie in the big screen, is called The Pink Panther, I watched both series in cinema too. I think now it should have DVD in shop right now.

Austin Powers Series From 1st to 3rd

I didn't manage to watch Austin Powers in cinema and I believe that they only have DVD in Malaysia, not movie. Because some of my friend say is overacting and too much 18sx, but I some how find out that it's only too much of dirty joke such same as Due Date (2010).
And I only manage to watch Austin Powers in Goldmember which is 3rd one from all the series.
Funny, Funny and Funny it is what I would like to say. I like Mini-Me yo!
If you guys nothing to do on this coming Holidays, can try to watch this movie too! (That I recommended above)
By Kian Fai


  1. Ooh! Austin Powers is so funny!! But yeah, a bit over the top there but that's how it's meant to be : )

  2. pink panther is sooo hilarious haha i havent watch a austin power b4..hmn...

  3. no wonder u dreamt of yourself wearing gal's clothing the other day! U love this kinda movies! @_@

  4. So this is what you like in movies lar.. hehe.. I have to admit, I only saw one of them before, Pink Panther.. and in cartoon! :P


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