Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Manhattan Fish Market

I went to The Curve for Movie Screening for Season of The Witch, and I haven't grab my dinner. So I had decide myself have a try at "The Manhattan Fish Market". Located at Cine-leisure ground floor, beside Tony Roma's and Near MC Donald's.

The Environment over here is not bad.

My Very Own Ice Water. RM 0.00

Chowder of the Day. RM 6.90

Mediterranean Baked Fish. RM 15.90
(Fresh Vegetables, and the Fish taste really good too.)

I think The Curve worker may type something wrong on the resit, I hope you guys can aware it.
The Food is not bad, but the Resit is kinda wrong because I realize after 10 hours. Mediterranean Baked Fish suppose to be RM 15.90 but they charge me RM 20.90. Well I hope I can get some "Explain" from them soon on email, I'm kinda lazy to communicate in real life right now.

And now a days Service Charge and Government Tax is kinda expensive, I wonder it is right they charge 2 together at the same time. Because other restaurant only charge Service Charge OR Government Tax.

Hope You like my post. And Aware it, don't be dumb like me, I was kinda blur because driving from NKVE Klang to The Curve for movie screening.

By Kian Fai

P.S. Spend RM 50++ on single receipt may have chance to win a BlackBerry. Check out the website and the menu too!


  1. But I never encounter restaurant that charge service or government tax one lo, it's normal they charge both , I think. One is for government, one is for the restaurant to untung more :s I love their food too, very fresh!

  2. Mr. Koh, This is David Lee. Operation Manager for MFM Malaysia. I would like to apologized on behalf of all my staff for the error that we had made. Personally i would like to invite you back to our restaurant and dine with us. i would like to meet you personally and you will be my guest

    David Lee

  3. Hi David, I had received a call from the other Operation Manager from MFM Malaysia. Thank you for your reply over here! =)

  4. glad that they responded to your email and here as well. This is what the service industry is suppose to be :D

  5. Their fish very fresh..its awesome><hmn mayb u shud approach the shop directly face to face?


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