Wednesday, January 5, 2011

If I Were the Green Hornet

Green Hornet
The Green Hornet (In 3D)

Simple, What Would I do to stop the Crime!

Because I'm Normal Human

I must be Smart & Intelligent to create something for protection and prevent injury too!

Strong and very good in Martial Art or Mixed Martial Art

Flexibility is very important too!

Maybe I should learn something from Matrix, teach me Bullet Time to prevent from Gun Shoot!
That's my Answer! So I can Stop The Crime Once I am ready with all these skill! Muahahahaha!

In the 3D action-comedy The Green Hornet, Britt Reid (Seth Rogen) is the son of LA’s most prominent and respected media magnate and perfectly happy to maintain a directionless existence on the party scene – until his father (Tom Wilkinson) mysteriously dies, leaving Britt his vast media empire. Striking an unlikely friendship with one of his father’s more industrious and inventive employees, Kato (Jay Chou), they see their chance to do something meaningful for the first time in their lives: fight crime. To get close to the criminals, they come up with the perfect cover: they’ll pose as criminals themselves.
I'm so excited for this Movie too and I did blog about it on November 2010. Here is my blogpost about it.

This post is for Nuffnang Movie Contest, feel free to drop by this link to look at the instruction too!

Good luck to other Nuffnang Fellows too!

By: Kian Fai



  1. You're damn effective and fast! Hope you win this :D

  2. ^u^ wish you luck, and i'm writing it soon. hope we win and we can meet up!! Haha.. XD

  3. thanks for the luck guys and girls!!! =D

  4. HEY~ matrix kia... hope u win this entry!xD

  5. Hmmm, i dunno how and what to write lea! Anyway, good luck ya..=)



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