Tuesday, January 4, 2011

BBQ on New Year Eve of 2010!

My New Year Eve was celebrated with some bloggers and friends. First of all, Thank you for the invitation from Jayren and Henry, Thank You Very Much! Henry is leading me to Jayren House since I am so noob in Kota Damansara Road. Ok, Picture Telling Story BEGIN! (Photo Credit by Jayren, Cayenne)

CleverMunkey aka Henry is Preparing and Heat up the BBQ Pit!

Cayenne is Busy Distributing the cups and giving instruction.

Tony Teh, was helping with Henry also.

The BBQ Pit and Chicken Wings! Wink Wink!

The Table and The Foods!

Blogger and Friends!

Henry and Tony, Guitar Performance!

Cayenne have the Idea of the game, was very fun thought! But it is in Mandarin LOL!

Group Photo infront of Jayren House Before Leaving to The Curve!

After the fire-work, some people or stranger would actually wanted to ambush us!

The Victim! Horng! I feel so bad for you because I stand beside you just now and run 1 step away from you.

Finalize Group Photo Before Leaving The Curve!

Not to forget to wish Fariz Happy New Year too!
Have a Joyful 2011 Guys and Girls! Happy New Year to all of You!

By Kian Fai


Blogger Attandence: CleverMunkey, Cayenne, Tony, Jayren, Pennie, Me, Hitomi, Fariz Dedek and Ching Yih.


  1. happy new year kian fai!
    a blasting celebration u had thr! ;)

  2. May the force be with you throughout the whole 2011 :D

  3. I was at curve during NYE too. Happy New Year :D

  4. Wow ! Nice post ! happy New Year Kian Fai ! =D

  5. Wow, just chicken in the BBQ?

  6. Great group outing! Everybody looks so happy :D


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