Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What Happen if you Mix Sprite and Orange Minute Maid

NEW YEAR is coming, how do you celebrate? Barbecue Party?Buffet Party? Celebrate with Relatives? Celebrate with Friends? So you would wonder why I post "What Happen if you Mix Sprite and Orange Minute Maid", is because some of your friend may say "Huh? Coke Again?" "Why 100 PLUS Every-time I see you drink this!"

Now you can try this, try to Mix Orange Minute Maid, with Sprite! Then it will turn into MC Fizz! You can buy those ingredient in Seven Eleven 711 or some Mini Market. If you prefer more Soda, you can try to mix more Sprite in it, You can try it for some Celebration Event too. Try or not to try which depends on you.

Happy New Year to ALL OF YOU in Advance!!

By Kian Fai


  1. Woots maybe I should give it a try :3

  2. I very suka this wor....... can u mix some n gimme? :D


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