Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sneak Peak of New Year Eve Carnival

First of all, I would like to say thanks to Holiday Villa, because I got the Lucky Pick from the GM, for the Monday night (13th of December 2010).

And I would like to thanks to Merryn and Daniel, which can grab some photo from them too.
Basically this post will tell you what is happening on New Year Eve and what kind of promotion is happening in Holiday Villa.

And Actually what I would like to mention about this new year eve event, its because the Food in this event would serve Multi Varieties of Foods! North - South - East - West from Earth! Even from the sea! LOL?

Basically the Event that held on New Year Eve will surround the swimming pool.

Photo by Merryn Tan, The Stage of *Sneak Peak* New Year Eve Carnival! Probably will be more larger then this sneak peak stage on the actual date.

So I believe most of you cant wait to see what I had taste on that Monday night right?

TURKEY, every1 say Turkey is a must eat food on Christmas Celebration, is one of the ICON.
If I had non mistaken, got 2 bucket sauce. One is filled with Turkey Liver Sauce, and another 1 is Cranberry Sauce. Very Festive and very Tasty!

A close up picture of the Turkey, it looks like the Turkey just finish his sun-bathing. LOL
X-mas Take-away offered by Holiday Villa too! Please order it in ONE early day, from 10th of December! If not mistaken, the price is RM 55 per kg.

Here comes another kind of varieties food! All the way from India! You will wonder what is this big pot function, and it actually Indian in India use this classic oven to bake their foods, especially their Taandori and Naan. And actually Right side is Taandori Chicken yes is correct, and the Left side is also Chicken meat too! And I overjoyed with food and I forgot what is the name of the food. And they have few sauce which is Salad, Green Chili and 2 others Sauce named in Tamil.

Tasty bite of Taandori Chicken, very tasty indeed. Must Taste with the tradition made Green Chili Sauce.

One of my Favorite, Curry Lamb. Very easy to chew and very tasty too. Suitable for every1 and you should try it!!

Taandori and Roti, the different is, one is slightly over baked and the other one is looks exactly like Roti.

I manage to taste something from Barbecue Wonderland, Chicken Meat and Sausages. Very Mouthful Taste and Tasty! *thumbs up*

SUSHI! Californian, Sushi and Maki. 3 kind of different Taste, it makes you tongue getting fussy and fussy!

Last and not least, part of the Sweet Agent too! Taste sweet of course, with Multi Choices.

There's still alot more verities of food, unfortunately I cant try it all of them in one time! For more food detail you can refer to Ms. Merryn Tan Blog
post too!

The Poolside New Year Eve Carnival will happen on the 31st December 2010 at the cost of RM111++ per person.

Holiday Villa - Website - Facebook - Twitter

Thank You!

By Kian Fai

Credit: Ms. Merryn Tan Blog

P.S.: Next Update is about the Holiday Villa, One of the Rooms Review! Stay Tune!


  1. wow so many good foodddd!!! :O i want some ):

  2. tandooriiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!arghhhhhhh...!!
    and lucky u!!!

  3. wow.. such a luck.. enjoy enjoy the food..

  4. Roti? That looks more like naan.

  5. YY: Actually the waiter tell me is Roti, I would like to think is NAAN too =) and I ask them about the Curry Mutton, they pronounce Lamb as LUM =)

    No worries, they are tying their best =)

  6. naan=roti no meh?
    and im so envious
    d food looks good *droolzzzz*

  7. it's Tandoori Roti bah! :P

    at least they can speak English and say Lum.. ask me speak my own mother tongue oso I can't lah...

    what is worth though, the FOOD is superb! :D

    come on.. give u chance this time, faster get the room review out before ME! Hahahahha.. :P

  8. Nice photos. Mine not so nice leh. Finally I finished my post LOL


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