Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Year Two Zero One Zero

BERY BERY FIRST OF ALL! Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year!

Basically My Year 2010 was simple, busy in work and slightly happening! Not much photo, no vacation, I didn't really have the chance to travel around Malaysia. And I just start my proper blogging on middle of this Year.

First of all I would like to thanks the application of Facebook which name as "My Status In 2010". And I would like to thanks myself because I keep telling myself need to stay strong no matter what. Alot of sad things happen on year 2009 too, which is very unforgettable, making my mood meter all the way down into lowest deep shit.

Beginning of this year, I was wondering in Gaming world, played World of Warcraft which is very hardcore. I manage to tell myself to stop this and start a new addiction, and it seems I had lost myself for beginning part of it.

Until 1 day, 1 of my friend Algin came from Melaka and plan to start working in KL. Have drink tea with him and hang out with him, he told me to start working and start using his laptop and show me some example and show me what is Nuffnang Community. As long as having fun and can earn money at the same time, I don't mind about it.

SO, I had put a feet inside and begin my Blog, and I discover that I had some skill. Skill of Stalking people, and I had sign up a Digi Broadband for myself too. Even thou Algin didnt blog right now, but I will continue my own blog and follow my own will. To know more people, I try to start my Twitter account too, which is more convenient and you can talk and chat on twitter too. It's filling my time no matter what, I had slowly lower down my gaming life and start work harder and blogging at the same time too.

Manage to join some food review and movie screening, it's fun to make more new friends, and cheer up my life too. And also not to forgot I had took part in some events too, to meet up more people from blogs and twitter.

I would like to say thank you to all the bloggers and the tweet-pals that I know, you guys are so gentlemen and friendly, it fills up my joy.

Last and not least, I think he is my Blog-Guru, although he's seldom update and he is playing his Tekken 6 and Starcraft-II always. Thank You KyrilSoulX aka Gilbert! REMEMBER TO UPDATE MORE YA! Feel free to drop by his blog also, and he got his fanpage on Facebook too, ask me and I will suggest him to you.

By Kian Fai

P.S.: May the Force Be with you~


  1. May the Force Be with you too! Happy new year 2011! :)

  2. So this force is like your trademark :P Awesomee! Well, I'm happy to know you too! Hope to see you in person one day :D

  3. hehe i start blogging this year too>< keep it up XD

  4. u end all ur post with may the fork be with u ah? fork pulaks.. force!

    Happy nude year to ya!

    May the Fork Be With Ya!

  5. Happy new year!!.. The chicken looks really really good.. :D


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