Monday, December 20, 2010

Just Call Me Nobody 大笑江湖 (2010)

Just Call Me No Body 大笑江湖
Xiao Shen Yang, 小沈阳
Zhao Ben Shan, 赵本山
Eric Tsang, 曾志伟
Kelly Lin, 林熙蕾
Got 吴宗宪, 小小彬 and Etc.

Just Call Me No Body 大笑江湖 - Trailer
Actually this is very nice movie, got few weakness existed even thou this movie use alot of jokes to cover up.

In Malaysia, this Movie had been edited with other voices and speakers. And the voice is so not originated by the actor and actress.

This Movie, use alot of Actor / Actress which is not mention in Trailer and Poster, and the storyline is not Perfect at all. And good thing about this Movie they had used Taiwan / China / Singapore and Hong Kong Actor. (Where is Malaysian?)

Due to this Movie is Made in China, alot of China Website seems to appear some links that can download Movie First before Malaysia launch the Movie.

My Rate for this Movie is 6.5/10 due to Story line is not perfect.
Worth to watch this Movie, don't feel bad about my rating, you should watch it by yourself too.

From Kian Fai

P.S. May the Force be with You.


  1. I've seen the trailer but not really into this kind of comedy :P

  2. LOL... i watched the xiao bin bin trailer.. so cute n funny neh!! Wanna watch badly. XD

  3. I dont understand one word of it but as long as its funny i'll watch it ^^

  4. Omg looks nice!!! Haha kian fai! Btw, I followed you in networked blog yahh :)


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