Monday, December 27, 2010

AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 Malaysia 3 : Indonesia 0, "Laser"

First of all I would like to congratulate Malaysia had WON the match Against Indonesia (Score 3 - 0). At Bukit Jalil Stadium, on 26th of December, 2010 (Sunday).
Surprisingly when I saw the tweet about Malaysia Team had scored 3 goals for the country, I am proud of it of course, because Malaysia Footballer Team had make us (Malaysian) have a big smile with a sweet dream. While every1 is Happy and Enjoy the Victory moment, somehow some disgusting fellows had created some "TREND" in twitter with hashtag such as "#malaysiacheatlaser". That was not real alright?

Congratulate to Mr. Mohd Safee one more time again! And if you kindly read the summary from AFF Suzuki Website. Go to the Website, press CTRL+F and Type Laser, see what is the result, it didnt say the laser pointer direct pointing goal-keeper face right? Is just that the Laser Line is disturbing the Footballer, and it is very disturbing while dribbling and goal-keeper may keep on staring on those laser lining. Which end up the Japanese Referee need to stop the game for a moment too. Some twitter tweet may mention that those laser pointer case is not first time which happen in this stadium!

HERO of Indonesia? Or ZERO of Indonesia?
The person who posted up the twitpic, which is so not originated from Camera or Camera Phone, low resolution, low quality. He will never learn how to say "SORRY" and you can check his tweet right now, he's trying to be Famous in a lame way. Susah Nak Cakap "Minta Maaf" Keh?

The Malaysian from in other Twitter Community cant hear your VOICE! Why not you can Hash-Tag your post with "#imsorrymalaysian"?
Want to see the clear version of the photo? You can go on this Website to have a look! It's from
FIFA! LOL Come on wake up while you are still tweeting

I Wonder how come so many people is so believe in this photo, you may wonder in less than 1 hour time, the hashtag become Worldwide Trend! (Please Google what is the picture and where is the picute come from.) Malaysia supporter which is wearing Yellow Jersey and Flags! And not wearing like Saudi Arabian! And this photo is from FIFA, Argentina against Nigeria.

Another Faggot go and edit the photo, the different is when you download the twitpic, it is different size at all, smaller size pixel and lower resolution!

This is the Edited with "Laser". Okays Guys and Girls, if you can provide the real photo that the Laser Point Direct to Goal Keeper Face, please show it or Link me.
There is still alot of photo out there, which is Edited!

You may think that alot of bullshits in this post, but please be Peace, nothing have forever been Victorious, you never lose before, which means you never learn the lesson too. Try to look at other Football Match, why that Ball is Round Shape? Stop Editing the photo, Stop the Hash-Tag on Twitter! Get a Life and Watch the upcoming match which is happening in Indonesia JAKARTA! GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN!!

By Kian Fai

P.S.: Indonesian, you guys is such a Hot-Blood Fans! You guys rocks and no matter how bad you mention my tweet, I wont feel like putting a angry reply because, you need to learn some technical about "Google search" and search something in very detail before you put a very good comment and reply.


  1. Yea so agree with u. U noe whats even 'funnier'? Malaysians who believe in the malaysiacheatlaser and spreading it too kutukin our own national team without finding out the truth.

  2. i already knew the laser picture was faek, as ive been using photoshop for ages

  3. LOL Obviously it's fake -.- They kalah alrdy so sure make up stupid excuses to blame Msia! Im gonna kick that guy in the balls!


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