Monday, November 8, 2010

My November First Week of Sunday

My November First Week of Sunday, What did I do? Taking care of my Nephew. Photo taken by my younger sis camera phone. He was 1 years old + and we call him "Hin Hin".

He was arguing, wanted to play Hand-Phone.

So I try to use my 1 to lure him to my side. Teaching him how to use and don't let him simply smash it.

Well he's trying to push my hand off, and I'm not that weak =P

Cam-whore! =P
After that, me, my younger sister and my mum went to sing K, and I'm so full because women only eat 20% of the portion and I had finish up 80% of the portion. And Happy Belated Birthday to my younger sister.

How's your Sunday?

By Kian Fai


  1. @Nikel LOL ya meh =P

    @Camy he dam ganas 1 =P

  2. you look like gold fish man.. lol.

    i noticed that kids nowadays are more attracted by handphone than toys.

  3. @Supia LOL GOLD Fish man, compare with Kyrilsoulx I more Gold Fish Kan?

    Yah . . . this is bad symptom =( if dun let him touch the phone he will yell LOL

  4. aww... what a cutie laaa little Hin Hin ^_^ kids nowadays r so clever.. they already know how to use the hp even they're on 3... T_T

    muchas luvas, wawa~*

  5. Haha.. agree with Supia!! Little kids really up to modern handphone now!! Especially those with nice picture, video and games.

    Kianfai, u should get a new handphone so that he wont push u away. LOL!! XD

  6. I played bowling for the first time of my entire life last Sunday :P HAHAHA kids are always annoyingly cute!

  7. You sure are training them young :p My foresight tells me he is going to be a natural techie.

    With tech and charms, hmmm! :p

  8. thx for the comment

    @eza yah

    @wawa yah due to early age and high modern technology zaman

    @hilda =P

    @alvin LOL! nah I wont teach him charm, himself is charm enough and smirk me always =P

    @kahmon lol need some 1 sponsor me a phone =P

  9. @Vir Anthony: THanks alot!

    @Tracy : Thanks =)


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