Saturday, November 6, 2010

i-City - from my Camera Phones (Part 1)

i-City - from my Camera Phone (Part 1)

Photo I will posted in this blog post is all from my Camera Phone! Mostly will be is Scenery and a guide for your RM 10 Parking and where is the good spot to park, what time you should reach there.

What you would like to prepare in your backpack? Make sure you prepare RM 10 for the parking fees. Prepare water, soft-drink and some snacks. Mini Chair (if you have). Your DSLR and Brilliant posing Idea! And lastly, your strong LEG!

Firstly I would like to apologize that my camera phone isn't working so well! I hope that you guys DO enjoy my post!

(Note: Click to enlarge the photo view, thanks)

RM 10 Ticket (Public Holiday / Saturday & Sunday), the person will tell you to U-Turn and Turn Left Looking for parking. What you need to do, Turn Left go up to the parking then turn up all the way to level G (Ground Floor). The Best time you reach i-City is 6.30pm and the light will switch on in time. And the parking location is the backway of the i-City.

This level G (Ground Floor) as you can see the light had switched on at 7pm Sharp. Plenty of Parking at level 1, 2, and B1, B2.

As you walked out from level G, you can see such a nice tree with lights surrounded in the city.

So why did I mention to bring your own drinks and food it is because they do have a stall to sell food and drinks. 1 bottle of 500ml Soft Drink would cost you RM 3.50, 1 pcs of Burger would cost you also RM 3.50 too. No harm I posted this photo and attach with my comment, because most of the people will complain on last minute.

Is getting late huh? And the lights is "flowing" down like a snow~ (7.15pm) And the Christmas Tree is not working on Deepavali! LOL!

So you guys wanna see L4D Horde? Here it comes with 3 Buses! HORDE ALERT!! I think those Horde is from other state, such as Sabah or Sarawak? Welcome them by the way, I do think they enjoy the atmosphere at i-City! LOL

From Left to Right, the sun is slowly going down, the night is begin with it! Yohooo! Cool huh?
(Note: click to enlarge the photo!)

Talk to the HAND! (Under Maintenance)

Trying to be artistic abit, and YES I DID IT!

To Be Continue~ Part 2 will be up later or tomorrow!

By Kian Fai


  1. OMG now so expensive ah the parking fees. When I was there last time, no parking fee or even shops :P so many changes alrdy ahh (:

  2. @Hilda for public holiday and saturday and sunday la LOL =P

    @Sherry/Annie/Catty lol wanna go ar? xD I become tour Guide lol or go there picnic and walk

  3. me want to go i-city also~~~ T__T

  4. will head to i-city soon....planning now !

  5. Although i went to shah alam damn bloody many times, i never stepped up my feet there...awesome pics:)

  6. Check out my expensive parking :P

  7. the parking was free when i was there. so expensive!!

  8. never been there eventho i live at klang =.='


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