Friday, November 5, 2010

Fishhead Noodles 鱼头米

This Restaurant located at Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Behind Pelita.

What so special about here?

So I had order some mee, and eat of course. But why the soup is white in colour?

Something is inside? It's a Fried Fish Meat!

This is Fishhead Noodles (Meehun), hooker stall now a days didn't serve much this kind of Noodles.

Price: RM 5.00

6/10, Overall is not bad, for those who like to eat seafood noodles, you can have a try on this 1. If you eat before Teow Chew Steam Fish, is something that kind of taste. And from Last Night until now, even I brushed my teeth, the smell is still inside my mouth! LOL

By Kian Fai


  1. Wow!!! Wanna try... wuhhhoooo!!
    How's the fish and soup anyway?? Many bones?? X.x

  2. @Kahmon hmmm ya got fish bone

    the soup not so sour, last time I eaten once before at another place, the soup is sour enough.

    and Fried Fish is fresh enough =)

  3. Im gonna hate you for posting this unless you bring me eat next time I go KL.

  4. I love fish head noodle! By the way, have you tried the 鱼头米粉 @ Cheras 四楼?

  5. HAHAH you have stinky fish smell in yr mouth :p

  6. argh!! i love it, especially with milk in it

  7. @Hilda Brush Brush Brush x 999999 XD

    @Supia no worries, I will make you fat if got chance, not only Fish Head Noodles, Crab also got XD if got chance

    @Landy lol Cheras! I will Try to seek for it! =)

  8. @j@nn o rlly? XD didnt try with Milk XD

  9. The consistency of broth looks just right for the fish head noodle soup. But can't judge by pictures so will have to try it out :)

    surfs'up -


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