Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chicken Rice USJ 14 (Night)

Note, Tidak Ditanggung Halal.

Chicken Rice which have alot of people during 7pm to 8pm especially on weekend. Located Subang Jaya USJ 14, same row as 7-11. Suggestion, once after 9pm, this Chicken Rice stall will have out of Rice, so it end up serve normal white rice which is taste normal. If you want to have a great taste of it, go on 6pm+

This is what I have eat on 10pm when the other Nuffnanger is watching SKYLINE at wangsa-walk, Wangsa Maju.

Chicken which is taste very Slurpy, not oily at all. (With Rice)

Prawn Dumplings, serve with Soup which contain 5pcs.

Big Right? And You will want it more if you craving for it.


Total of RM 7.30, totally worth it as in my opinion.

I Hope you guys enjoy my post and Thank You.

By Kian Fai


  1. hahah and it is big ooo =P taste very good XD

  2. This is mouth watering!! Gosh, i want to eat!


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