Thursday, November 25, 2010


What type of Christmas you would like to have OR going to have?

Clubbing? (BORING)


Dinner with Family?

Barbecue Party?

Buffet Party?
What is YOURS?

By Kian Fai

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sunday Walk : Sunway Pyramid

Guess what? I had watch Harry Potter 7 Part 1!!! As known as Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallow. Watch with my friend at Sunway Pyramid on 11am, and TGV having some technical issue and fixed it within 20minutes. After watching, we decided to "Window Shopping". Not to forget to visit my previous Harry Potter Horcrux.

Sunway Pyramid have a Event called Positive Parenting 10th Anniversary, which is sponsored by Gardenia. For those mums and dads which have a kid in the house should not miss this event.

Wow! Look at the crowd LOL!

And not to forget to look at the stylish counter too LOL! After that we went to MPH Book Store, due to long time into Cyber World, we also need to update ourselves what is the latest trend in Shopping Mall too! And we realize the books which is not much useful info can sell RM 49.90 and above!

BlackBerry for Dummies! Which is very Costy Book!

Hacking for Dummies! This is very Expensive which is cost more than RM100!

Want to get rich with Twitter? LOL

Marketing for Facebook! It is with Book Form!

Marketing to the Social Web! With Larry Weber . . . Sounds like Justin Bieber . . .

Well oh my god? Sales Bible? Book? Heh Check it out by yourself!

Why Men want Sex and Women need Love? You know, kids nowadays love to shopping in MPH and this kind of book is publish into public, suitable?

Some books even teach you How to Save Your Own Life? And Teach you SUMO as well! LOL

Why Men Marry Bitches?

And Why is God Laughing?

Life before Life, super Emo . . . Books nowadays is so Creative?

Maybe this is a good book! Chicken Soup for the Soul!

Zheng He, whick teach you fight like a Barbarian in current life! LoL it is a Historical Book anyways.

Teaching your Child about Sex . . . not when 6 years old . . .

Confessions from an Honest Wife, hmm if you know this books, tell me what is it about.

Read this Book! It will teach you HOW TO CHEESE and COUNTER CHEESE! LOL!

"WHAT TO DO WHEN A LOVED ONE DIES" Do you need this? It cost RM 59.90 if I'm Correct LOL!

One of the Eye Catching Poster in MPH. MORONS!

Not to forget to have a look at Daniel Radcliffe Magazines!

LOOK! Who we meet after MPH Walk! IS ANDY LAU! Too bad he's in the poster, cant climb out now. LOL!

Christmas Tree is Everywhere!! No Christmas song . . . .

Some Decoration Shop is selling Christmas Decoration and Fake Christmas Tree.

Merry Christmas Soon to you guys!

I hope you guys enjoy my post! My Sunday Walk at Sunway Pyramid! How is your Sunday?
NANG Me if you like it, Thanks

By Kian Fai

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hot Plate Yee Mee 铁板伊面

Note: Tidak Ditanggung Halal

Hot Plate Yee Mee 铁板伊面

Same place as my Fish Head Noodles Post, located at Bandar Bukit Tinggi Klang, Behind Pelita.
Is really not bad, and Mouthful. Satisfied**


The only bad thing is the sauce didn't really make it even.

By Kian Fai

Chicken Rice USJ 14 (Night)

Note, Tidak Ditanggung Halal.

Chicken Rice which have alot of people during 7pm to 8pm especially on weekend. Located Subang Jaya USJ 14, same row as 7-11. Suggestion, once after 9pm, this Chicken Rice stall will have out of Rice, so it end up serve normal white rice which is taste normal. If you want to have a great taste of it, go on 6pm+

This is what I have eat on 10pm when the other Nuffnanger is watching SKYLINE at wangsa-walk, Wangsa Maju.

Chicken which is taste very Slurpy, not oily at all. (With Rice)

Prawn Dumplings, serve with Soup which contain 5pcs.

Big Right? And You will want it more if you craving for it.


Total of RM 7.30, totally worth it as in my opinion.

I Hope you guys enjoy my post and Thank You.

By Kian Fai

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

X-Play Shout Award e@curve Library

Note: Photo is from Tikkoss and Sherry, Thank You!

X-Play Shout Award e@curve Library
Guys and Girls, did you went shout award last Saturday? I would like to say that this Pre-Party event happened on last Saturday was awesome1. Why? I was enjoying meeting up bloggers in First time, Group of them alright? And meet up some new people and artist as well. Meet up with Xing90, SherryFam, Tikkoss Chew, Chuen, Serene, and David. I reach Library around 9pm+ and alot of people register and try to go in, at the entrance of Library, you can see 3-4 laptop for open registration.
Ahh! Not to forget to mention that I had meet Mr. Henry also!

Stage of Shout Award Pre-Party at e@curve Library! The Drum set and equipment of sound system.




Mizz NINA in DA HOUSE, 2 Ladies from my table had went to the stage and took photo of Mizz Nina.

Manage to take picture with 1 of the Band! ARABELLA! Me, David, Xing90, Sycko Amy(Vocalist) and Samuelito(Keyboard)! (Left to Right)

Mens Time: Me in Stone Mode

Ladies: Xing90, Sherry, and Serene (Left to Right)

Ladies again, Xing90 and Chuen (Left to Right)

Ladies again!! Xing90 Only XD

Mens Time: David the Darlene Man, Great Smile Yoo!

Mens Time: Tikkoss and the Cool Keyboard Samuelito! Rock yoo!

Mens Time: Tikkoss and David!

Ladies: Sherry and Her Uni Mate Serene

Group Photo in our Tables! Somehow my lefty hand is advertise for Xpax!

Group Photo with one of the David Friends and Serene had Disappear with 1 of the guy name Edmund. David and his friend looks like long lost brother!! LOL maybe is relative? XD

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this post, Thank You!

Note: Photo is from Tikkoss and Sherry, Thank You!