Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TAKERS (2010)

Alright Babe! Is time for update, but the sad case is I didnt really snap any photo.

I hope this post it wont be bored for all of you! LOL

First of all I would like to share my gratitude and appreciation to Sirens Media and Sony Pictures, Thank You for the Ticket and I would like to say Thank You to Mr. Eric Yong to give me a hand and assist me with the Ticket at Brotzeit. Eric is one of the spammer in Twitter and it gives alot of useful information which is showing . . . alot of thing la ok? you go and view it by yourself heh.
So I realize Brotzeit is a Restaurant which serve Yummy Food with Good Environment, Average Service but if you need assistant they will try to give you the best service. Brotzeit is located at Mid Valley Megamall (Ground Floor), Near Maybank ATM Machines Centre (which is facing towards The Gardens), which means it is located at outside of Mid Valley. No worries it wont be so far away, not much people realize about this Restaurant and I myself would like to try it soon. If you want to try Brotzeit with me, you can contact me also, because I got a plan i got a plan in my mind.
Back to Movies, well I think I had a bad predict on Smooth Talker AKA Ghost.
I had invited 1 of my friend KyrilSoulX to watch this Movie with me.
Surprise sense and storyline. As many people comment on this movie and movie slogan "EVERONE'S AFTER SOMETHING".

It's not bad, but Overall I would Rate 6.8 out of 10.

It may not suitable for some people to watch because the camera movement will make you dizzy.
Well I had won a luck draw consolation prizes from Sirens Media and Sony Pictures. Thank You!!

Image above is from *Sirens Media*
Hope you guys enjoy this post =)

By Kian Fai (Spot me =P)


  1. The movie of Ni*****...haha. A must see!!!

  2. i watched it.. quite interesting.. but not as nice as the italian job.. :)

  3. are you the one in the red shirt? 3rd row, 5th from the right? HAHA

  4. hilda, spotted me? lol. i was blocked =(

  5. @Hilda: Yah Yah

    @Nana Lana: Sad =P

    @kenwooi lol yah kinda agree =P

    @Jaerragus lol I cant catch whatchya meaning =P


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